Student Voice Forum

Student Voice is a key representative forum of RGU:Union. It is a group of students who get together throughout the year to debate on ideas, direct and question elected Presidents and Vice Presidents, and discuss and campaign on issues about students' experiences at RGU. RGU:Union represents all students at RGU who are automatically members, and the voice and views of all of these members is vital to the operations of the Union. Student Voice is an opportunity for students to share their views and contribute to the direction of the work of the Union.

How can I attend a Student Voice Forum?

All students are automatically members of RGU:Union which means you are entitled to attend and vote at Student Voice Forums! The meetings also involve core membership of student representatives including:

  • Sabbatical Presidents
  • Part-Time Vice Presidents
  • Student School Officers
  • Equality Champions
  • Society Presidents
  • Sports Club Presidents
  • Student Group Chairs

If you would like to be a regular member of Student Voice, all you have to do is fill in this form on the website to be added to the membership list. All students are welcome to come along, but we encourage individuals to sign up to be members to make planning the meetings easier. 

What happens at the meetings?

The meetings will provide updates on the work of elected representatives and RGU:Union, along with it shall presenting, discussing and voting on student ideas and issues. The meetings shall be chaired by a sabbatical Presidents, and all members are invited to speak or raise points at the meeting. Key areas discussed at the meetings shall be university life around studies, facilities, services as well as student life, around living in the community, accommodation and more. 

How do I submit an idea?

All students are welcome to submit ideas to be voted on by Student Voice. These ideas could be about areas they want to see improved at the University, or changes to the way RGU:Union runs, or around a new campaign that could be launched. Any idea that could improve the student experience is open for discussion at Student Voice.

If you would like to submit an idea, simply fill in the form on this page. You will need a provide a title and description, identifying what the problem is, why it is a problem, and what solution you would like to see. Other students then have the opportuity to vote on the issues that matter to them, those with the most votes are prioritized in the agenda. It is encouraged that those who submit ideas attend the meeting to present their idea.

Why is this important?

Student Voice is the primary opportunity for students to actively engage in making decisions on how they want their student experience to be. The forum allows students to shape the work of RGU:Union and to decide and develop campaigns that impact the whole student body. The decisions of the student body in the past have resulted in: the launch of the RGU Go Green project, the Live Right Housing Campaign, strengthening the role of RGU:RAG, introduction of new Vice President roles, and work is also continuing on moving the academic calendar, adding a new fouth sabbatical and working to provide Union bar and social space.

Student Voice Ideas

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    RGU Graduation Ceremonies – Making it more elegant and distinguished

      My suggestion is in relation to the manner and conduct of the graduation ceremonies. There is no problem with the way it is done right now, just suggestions for improvement. I think the way in which these events are held can be improved upon in order to make them more distinguished and reverential. In addition, it will provide an opportunity for students to relate to the culture of their alma mater’s city. Students, family and friends will have rich and more memorable pictures/videos. The opening should begin with a procession/parade led by a small orchestra of Scottish pipers and drummers in full regalia. The order of procession may start with the senior management (principal, executive members etc.), academic staff, and then all graduating students. The graduating students will be lined up according to their level of awards, either in ascending or descending order. Different colours of graduation gowns or hoods should be provided to students depending on their award level. Alternatively, unique colours of graduation stoles can be used to differentiate graduating students. A procession can also be done at the end of the event.
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    Steps to Submit an Idea

    1. Log in to the RGU:Union website with your student log in
    2. Click on the 'New Idea' button
    3. Provide a title and description of your idea, ensure description includes what the issue is, why it is an issue and what your idea for a solution is
    4. Submit your ideas and share with students to encourage them to up vote the most popular issues. 
    5. Come along to the Student Voice meeting to present and discuss your idea


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