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Laila Ijeoma Obiagwu

My name is Laila Ijeoma Obiagwu, an MSc Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Student, running for the position of President (Communication and Democracy).

This year, we are having our RGU:Union election in a COVID-19 world that has been very different from the usual.

Starting from the lockdowns which took away our social lives to subsequent loss of on-campus learning. Students who looked forward to active involvement in extra-curricular activities and employment opportunities were left struggling due to the pandemic.

Covid hasn't been fair. 

I am running for election because I believe that as we emerge from the pandemic, it is mandatory we find and implement innovative solutions that support and engage every RGU student, support our student groups and societies and ensure Covid-19 doesn't keep impacting our quality of lives negatively

Here are the 6 key goals I want to achieve:

  • 1. Openness:

This goal ensures you are always heard and that your wellbeing is prioritised. I'll be very open to dialogue. Every student can meet me with any worry, idea or opinion they have. I will work to ensure that every RGU undergraduate, postgraduate, Distance and Online Learning student is heard, considered and carried along in all that the Union does. I will champion the mental health and wellbeing course of every RGU student and ensure it is improved, and students with mental health issues are heard.

  • 2. Improve Support for Students to Tackle Challenges of Online Learning

This goal ensures your degree outcome is not negatively impacted by the pandemic. The introduction of online learning also introduced serious challenges that have prevented some students from completing their courses successfully. These challenges include adaptability to taking exams online, computer literacy and self motivation to embrace online learning and sucessfully complete courseworks in time. In the face of these challenges, some students have nurtured the idea of just giving up. I will work with the University to launch campaigns that will help students overcome these challenges, gain confidence and excel.

  • 3. Tuition Fees Discount/Rebates for all Fee-paying Students:

Despite loss of on-campus learning experience, loss of jobs and drastic reduction in income and earning power, students are required to pay complete tuition fees. This is an issue that was highlighted at the Union’s AGM. Ongoing at the moment is a campaign by international students from UK universities soliciting that the UK government “provides at least partial compensation” for tuition fees. I will work to see that this becomes a reality. 

  • 4. Employment opportunities:

Students arrive Aberdeen with high hopes of finding employment as soon as possible. Most of the available jobs require students to have as much as 3 months UK experience which they can't get. One of the solutions that I will work on is negotiating with reputable recruitment agencies in Aberdeen to introduce training programs which give certifications on completion and will replace the requirement for UK experience. 

  • 5. An RGU-students-only internet forum and social networking website 

This goal ensures our student experience is still top-notch and memorable despite the pandemic. Student life in this Covid world has been lonely and challenging. The RGU social space hasn't been very active and there is need for a student to student support system that is inclusive, safe and entertaining.

I am committed to bringing an online platform for our university, like and Reddit, to life so much that I've already bought the domain name And the vision is that, on this platform students will be able to:

  • Securely connect and meet fellow students in an exciting environment online.
  • Have discussions on various topics affecting their well-being 
  • Get answers to their pressing questions from experienced students
  • Share their experiences for example with school work, private landlords, estate agencies, employers, life in Aberdeen, best deals etc.
  • Our clubs and societies can easily share broadcasts of their activities and events, hold Ask Me Anything interviews that will be engaged with by all students on the platform.
  • Student entrepreneurs among us, including Alumni, Distance and Online Learning students can showcase their products/services/projects and get patronage from fellow students.
  • 6. Climate change and environmental sustainability

I will work to ensure our university and student body take urgent action to combat climate change.

Laila Ijeoma Obiagwu is driven and committed to serve all the students at RGU.
Your Vote for me is a vote for the progress you want to see. 

CHOOSE LAILA for President, Communication & Democracy!


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