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Jordan Moore

Vote for experience, vote for MOORE.

#backforMOORE #evenmorewithMOORE #oneMOOREtime

Hello! My name is Jordan Moore (she/her) and I am your current President (Sport & Physical Activity) at RGU:Union. I am very excited to be #backforMOORE and seeking re-election.

This year has been challenging for all. I have taken the pandemic head on and over the past 8 months, given my all to ensure that sport and physical activity is at the forefront of thinking at RGU. Free student gym membership, a safe return to in-person activity, membership refunds, successful delivery of a fully virtual semester, a student coaching & officiating fund, consistent committee support and training and all member communication are just some examples of what I have been working on.

I have built strong working relationships with students and staff from across the University which will allow me to get to work immediately on implementing my manifesto as below.

I have learned an extraordinary amount in the role so far and couldn’t feel more prepared to continue to deliver above and beyond for students at RGU. I am ready to listen, improve and learn from past experience, and be the best I can be as your President. 

A vote for Moore is a vote for experience, determination, enthusiasm and passion. Please consider me as your number 1 choice!



Facilities & Pitches

I will commit to exploring the options of extending our home as RGU sports clubs to outdoor training and playing pitches in the aim of ensuring all clubs have access to the best training facilities possible.

Accessibility, Membership & Return to Sport

I will further explore opportunities for students following the free RGU SPORT gym membership during this year and will ensure gym and sports club membership, alongside activity, is accessible to all students. I promise a speedy and safe return to sport whilst considering concerns, thoughts and needs of all students and sports clubs.

Student Leadership & Employability

I will commit to implementing a programme of education to ensure our talented sports club leaders have the resources, knowledge and support to translate skills learned within sport into CVs, job applications and further.

Website, Social Presence & Communication

I will work to develop and strengthen all communication channels including communication with club leaders, committees, club members and the wider student body. I will also push for an RGU:Union website re-design, prioritising the quality and accessibility of information and resources.

Coaching & Officiating Opportunity

I will continue to develop the current funding programme to ensure there is continuous opportunity and support for students to gain coaching and officiating qualifications. I will work to ensure coaches and officials are supported and recognised for their extraordinary work.

GBV, Concussion & Inclusion Education

I will commit to developing a robust programme of education for sports club members to ensure our community is safe and well-educated. I also aim to establish and embed working partnerships with external organisations, as well as further develop relationships with internal departments, to provide expert training and advice for our community in diversity, equity and inclusion.



2017-18 - RGU Netball Club Wellbeing Ambassador

2018-20 - RGU Netball Club President

2019-20 – RGU:Union Vice President (Sport)

2020-21 - RGU:Union President (Sport & Physical Activity)

2020-21 - Scottish Student Sport Executive Council

2020-21 – RGU:Union Student Voice Forum Chair

  • Nutrition Graduate & advocate for accessible health
  • RGU alumni – first-hand experience of student life at RGU
  • Participated in sport & physical activity my whole life
  • UK Coaching Mental Health Trained


I’ll be the first to admit I still have a lot to learn but through curiosity and continuous questioning of personal development, I seek out any opportunity to do so.

I hope my passion for all things sport and physical activity, alongside motivation to represent students is clear, and I would be forever grateful if you believe in #evenmorewithMOORE and vote Jordan Moore as number 1 for President (Sport & Physical Activity).


#backforMOORE #evenmorewithMOORE #oneMOOREtime

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