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Greg Millar

“Hi, I’m Greg Millar and I’m a Third Year Communication Design student. I’ve been the VP for Welfare, since January this year, and in that short time I’ve worked with RGU:Union in standing up for student tenants, raising awareness on student mental health  and I’ve began work with our great student networks to support Trans students rights. I’m asking students to vote for me, to continue to make real change as part of RGU:Union.”

My manifesto:

1) Rent is too high for many students in Aberdeen, many students have had their hours cut or been laid off due to the pandemic. I want to introduce rent controls at RGU halls and work with NUS Scotland to introduce controls in private halls. This will save students money and ensure they have greater fianancial security during their studies.

2) Climate change is fast becoming a welfare issue. I will Declare a climate emergency and work with RGU go green and RGU:union to create green policies at the University. This will ensure students have a sustainable campus and future.

3) I will support Transgender and non-binary students rights and needs. I'll work with the rgu lgbt+ network to ensure all students are heard and safe at rgu. No student should be disadvantaged for who they are.

4) After a year of social isolation it is important students have greater opportunities to connect with their peers and course mates on campus. I'll support calls for the creation of a social space and bar at RGU for all students to use and enjoy. This will bring schools together from across RGU and build a strong student community at the University.

5) As a Gray's School of Art student, the school can often feel metaphorically and physically distant from the rest of RGU. To address this and ensure the voices of Gray's students are heard at the Union, I pledge to create a democraticlly elected Gray’s school of Art student rep role. This will bring Gray's students closer to the Union and decision making at the University.

We've done a lot of great work together in the past 3 months I have been a VP. But we are just getting started. I'm asking for your #1 vote for GREG MILLAR for VP Welfare to keep up the work I have already been doing at the Union and to make sure students welfare is safegaurded in this uncertain time.

Students deserve better, and a vote for me will ensure RGU students get that. Vote GREG MILLAR #1 for VP Welfare.

Keep up with my campaign:

Instagram: gmforvpwelfare

Twitter: @Greg_Millar52



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