Candidate for the position of Academic Council (Postgraduate Representative)



Vote for Inclusion, Innovation and Collaboration.

My name is Chinyere Bibian Odogwu and I am running for the postgraduate Student’s representative at the RGU’s academic council. I am Nigerian and in my first year as a postgraduate student, MSc. Energy Management.

I am excited about doing this because I will be representing a large community of like minds, with diverse cultural background and inclinations, experiences and values and I want to be part this journey towards aligning our common goals and building a responsive and sustainable community.

In the past, I have held several leadership positons, during my secondary and undergraduate levels.  On both occasions, I was saddled with the responsibility of repositioning my associations and often have to contend with enormous responsibility of balancing various opinions, ideas and contributions.

My Drive

I understand how it feels when my opinions or people’s contributions were not given a chance or acted upon. I also believe that we all have concerns and ideas that will improve systems and operations for our learning and development, but feel that there are limits to what can be done. Experience has taught me that even where limits exist, there is always room for adjustments, to listen, understand and accommodate. The key is, understanding everyone’s perspective and rallying all to a common ground.

We are all students, we are here to learn and Improve ourselves, to hear and be heard, to create better opportunities and learning environment for those coming after us and to be an example to people looking up to us. We strive to leave positive footprints in the world and environment and someday look back at where we started and be proud of how far we have come, be proud of the RGU brand which we represent and for belonging to the alumni community of RGU, that is what we have in common.

I believe the RGU academic union also shares the same goals and I want to be the voice that will champion growth for the postgraduate student community in the next one year, by providing innovative representation at the Academic Council.

One of my greatest achievements in life is being a parent whilst undergoing my MSc. study against all odds and making positive impact in the lives of people. I hold a BSc in Industrial Chemistry, I have led teams in one of the big 4 audit firms for the past 6 years and I am a sustainability enthusiast.

What I will do differently?

This role requires team work and together, we will build on continuity, create sustainable channels that will allow real time suggestions and feedback from students, take third party views that will promote the school’s academic portfolio and maintain its standards whilst ensuring to impact the journey towards your postgraduate degree positively.

Thank you for reading my manifesto. You can get in touch through my email

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