Student Achievement Awards 2019


Group Awards

Society of the Year
57’10 Society

Academic Society of the Year
Physiotherapy Society

Student Group of the Year

Special Recognition Award
RGU Go Green

New Society of the Year
EngON Society

Most Improved Society
Ice Skating Society

Most Improved Academic Society
D-Radz Society

Most Improved Student Group

Volunteering Project of the Year
Physiotherapy Conference

Media Group of the Year
Radar Magazine

Student Leadership Award
Computing Society

Student Engagement Award
Midwifery Society

Student Voice Award
Chinese New Year

Community Ambassador Award
RGU:Film Society

Award for Continued Excellence and Consistency
IPE Society

Society Quality Mark Gold Award
Physiotherapy Society

Society Quality Mark Silver Award
Law Society
Film Society
Photography Society
IPE Society
IHI Society
RGU Go Green
Feel Good Society
Dumbledore's Army
Drama Society
Creative & Cultural Business Society
Computing Society
57'10 Society

Society Quality Mark Bronze Award
Ice Skating Society
Gender Equality & Feminism Society
Creative Writing & Poetry Society
Christian Union

Individual Awards

Society Person of the Year
Eilidh Southren

Volunteer of the Year
Maria Popescu

Freshers Team Member of the Year
Laura McMillan

Full Scarlet Award
Kristian Karban
Charlotte Little
Mark Dunphy

Half Scarlet with Distinction
Christie Breen
Eilidh Southren
Zainab Olatunji
Michele Kee
Eilis Cusack
Barbara Kellie
Maria Popescu
Lauren Taylor
Irina-Cristina Bogdan
Laura Watchman

Half Scarlet With Continued Excellence
Alessandro Favaro
Rebecca Anderson

Half Scarlet Award
Iona Grant
Laura McMillan
Sarah Jack
Kirstin Tait
Kai Rough
Ifechukwu Okwuosa
Philip Tremmel
Emily Glencorse
Jamie McGovern
Fabio Rondina
Ryan Johnson
Kyle Henderson
Evgenii Zorin
Stephanie Cullen
Shona Elder
Mhairi Black
Sin Ping Choy
Victoria Saint
Katrine Knudsen
Rebecca Noble
Kelsey Drummond
Mhairi McLellan
Matthieu O'Reilly
Sam Thiesen
Stephannie Mather
Iona Proud
Erin Gilmour
Genavieve Jones-Purdie
Stuart Campbell
Hugh Fish
Dale Leith
Erin Wyness
Rebecca Hewison
Lauren Kyle
Jonathan May (Honorary)

Recognition Award
Amartya Yadav
Antoine Sebert
Celeste Saji Kallookalam
Jolan Hegedus
Kene Okafor
Ben McFarlane
Fionnghal Caldwell
Bibo Keeley
Chloe Spence
Jamie Henderson
Katherine Ronning
Nina Dave
Gemma Henderson
Laura Simons
Raya Kovacheva
Tom Paterson
Chloe Carberry
Areej Rahmani
Sarah Millar
Nyameye Otoo
Jennifer Laffan
Ross Leven
Rasmus Tolonen
Annalisa Brigo
Niamh Bunyan
Saoirse Brennan
Sara Torre
Helena Paterson
Jai Yi Nerissa Leong
Gabi Uzunova
Linzi Reekie
Kerrie Johnston
Cameron Taylor
Hollie Smith
Amberley Greensmith
Edvard Enekes
Megan Kerr
Monika Lis
Val Forbes
Rory Barclay
Kiera Johns
Vivien Yu
Tom Tie-Gill (Honorary)

Becky Fidock
Caitlin Reid
Emily Heron
Katherine Jarvis
Luke Rodgers
Rose Wakeman
Shannon McManus
Ella May Carter
Sanna Rafiq
Joanna Ross
Rachel McLaughlin
Madlena Uzunova
Bernadett Sike
Joy Kennedy
Kiran Sandhu
Anca Elena Tomescu
Rose Ross
Gioia Brogioni
Diana Halifa
Nicola Will
Megan Wilson
Maciej Rembiasz
Claire Vigot
Rebecca Carnegy
Federica Vitale
Sani Kemppainen
Shun Wong
Patryk Switaj
Beth Lauder
Erin Cornwell
Emmanuel Obasi Ogar
Lizzie Buchan

Pride in Partnership Award
Eilidh Southren
Irina-Cristina Bogdan
Kim Brodie

Engagement Award
Niklas Bals
Nicola Goodall
Zainab Olatunji
Chloe Pearson

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