The Thinking Society

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The Thinking Society is the newest addition to RGU’s ever-growing list of societies. The aim of the society is to is to share thoughts on issues (past, present and hypothetical), events, cultures, creativity, art and many other topics. They also aim to stay away from topics where political religious themes arise. The president, Mario Fucilli, told Radar: The society wasn’t started to sum up things, but to critic and challenge the status quo 

The thought behind the Thinking Society, Mario explains, is that although philosophical studies are not covered by RGU, “brains are the only things needed in philosophy”. He goes on to say that “RGU has a history of excellence, academically and in the workplace and I was thinking to apply the same excellence to problem-solving”. He says that solving problems is just one aim of the society. 

Mario aims for the Thinking Society to allow students to “develop further skills through activities and events in order to try and use at full potential the knowledge we already have”. 

The society gives students an opportunity to meet new people and share ideas and opinions on almost any topic. It can be a great chance to further your own knowledge and make some new friends. As a brand new society, the Thinking Society is yet to have had many events, except a few informal meetings. Mario said: “this society offers many opportunities for learning and sharing in order to challenge yourself, to make the difference and to never underestimate the power of an idea’. 

Some of the topics they have already planned to cover include what is your conception of love? How can the world be improved? Discussing favourite quotes (poetry, books, movies etc), state an absolute truth, how can you improve the world now? Do you think that in a perfect world alcohol and drugs would exist? Are we free? Do you believe in free will? How would you solve the problem of terrorism? What should be the right and duties of citizens? What are the rules and procedures of a perfect political system? And finally, what is your opinion on the death sentence?  

Mario went on to say: “I would like to implement all of this in a particular environment, typical of when you are having a deep conversation with a friend. At the end, no matter what is the conclusion to the conversation, you are both wiser and more connected”. 


If you’re interested in joining - email with your name, surname and matriculation number or join their Facebook page. 


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