Academic Issues

If you are experiencing something in your personal life that significantly affects your ability to do your coursework or sit an exam - such as a medical issue, bereavement, or another unexpected change in circumstances - we can help advise on what you need to do to ensure the impact on your studies is taken into account. 

IMPORTANT: if your extenuating circumstances are disability-related, associated to an enduring mental health difficulty, a long-term medical issue or learning difference, it is important you contact the Inclusion Centre so that support can be provided. You can do so by emailing and/or phoning 01224 262103, as appropriate.


Coursework Extension Requests

If personal circumstances are affecting your ability to complete a piece of coursework by the required deadline, it may be possible to get longer to complete the work by requesting an extension. The form you need to do so can be found here. Please feel free to contact the Student Advice Coordinator for advice on completing the form.

Deferral Requests

The University introduced a 'Fit to Sit' policy in the 2016/17 term. This means that "if you undertake an assessment then you are declaring yourself well enough to do so". If you feel your ability to complete a piece of coursework or sit an exam is being affected by personal circumstances, you may wish to defer the assessment to a later date by making a Deferral Request. The form required for making a Deferral Request, and a copy of the Fit to Sit Policy, can be found here.

Academic Appeals

If you wish to challenge a grade you have received, you can make an academic appeal, provided you have relevant grounds. The form required for making an appeal can be found here.

Misconduct Hearings

The Student Advice Coordinator can assist students who have had an allegation of academic or non-academic misconduct made against them, including advising on how to prepare for a misconduct hearing and how to make an appeal if you are unhappy with the decision of the hearing. They can also accompany you to the hearing, if you wish.

The University also provides useful advice on Academic Honesty here, including information on what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

Suspension of Studies

If you require time out from your studies (usually up to one year), it may be possible to request a Suspension of Studies. The form you need to do so can be found here. Please feel free to contact the Student Advice Coordinator or your Course Leader for advice on completing the form.

Useful Links

RGU Academic Regulations


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