Fabulous Feminist Films

In this article Radar decided to take a look at some fabulous feminist films. From musicals to documentaries, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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In this article Radar decided to take a look at some fabulous feminist films. From musicals to documentaries, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 



The likelihood is that you’ve heard of this iconic film. Released in 2008 (how can it be 13 years old already?!) and based off of the smash-hit musical, ‘MAMMA MIA!’ still remains a pop-culture classic to this day.

Whilst it provides some light-hearted fun, the film was definitely a catalyst for many feminist rom-coms. Rather than being portrayed as clumsy and waiting for a man to rescue her, Donna (played by Meryl Streep) is an entrepreneur who raises her daughter by herself. With a focus on female relationships, this is a rom-com where the men are not the only goal. 

‘MAMMA MIA!’ focuses on true female empowerment and with the extra sparkle of hit ABBA songs and idyllic Grecian scenery, there is no doubt the legend of Donna Sheridan will forever remain. 


A brand new Netflix Original, ‘Moxie’, tells the story of Vivian as she becomes inspired to write an anonymous zine under the name of Moxie, challenging women’s right issues in an extremely patriarchal highschool. We watched the film as soon as it was released and honestly it’s amazing. With issues that are easy to identify with and an epic soundtrack, ‘Moxie’ isn’t just entertaining but thought-provoking. A YA film that’s not to be missed. 

‘Miss Americana’

If documentaries are more your style then Taylor Swift’s ‘Miss Americana’ is definitely one to watch. Portraying Swift’s journey from when she was just starting out to her Lover era, the film is an interesting watch even if you’re not a hardcore Swiftie. Whilst seeing Swift’s journey of a woman in the music industry is extremely inspiring, the documentary also touches on some really important issues from her sexual assault case to learning to voice her political opinions and why she chose to do so. 


Whilst these films are all amazing, there are many others available that are equally fantastic. Watching films that tackle women’s issues is a great way to educate ourselves and learn from different perspectives on the subject matter.

If you would like further information and to be part of the movement for change, there are various RGU student groups that you can join. These include the RGU Feminism Society, RGU Women in STEM and Women in Business RGU. 


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