What's On

Thu 20th February

Love Our Planet Snowpiercer Screening
20th February 5pm - 10pm
Sir Ian Wood Building, Room N311

Fri 21st February

Love Our Planet Sale
21st February 10am - 4pm
Aberdeen Business School Atrium

Sat 22nd February

RGU Hack 2020
22nd February 10am - 23rd February 4pm
Sir Ian Wood Building

Sun 23rd February

Slains Castle
23rd February 10am - 4:30pm
Meet at Schoolhill

Mon 24th February

Triplekirks Pub Quiz
24th February 8pm - 11pm
The Triplekirks

Tue 25th February

Chat, Comment, Change
25th February 2pm - 3pm
The Boardroom, Union Way.
As part of the #ChatCommentChange campaign, the RGU:Union Student President of Education and Welfare, and the Vice President of Education will be holding a feedback session on all things education.

Sun 1st March

Cafe Creo
1st March 2pm - 4pm
Cafe Creo

Tue 3rd March

Executive Committee Meeting
3rd March 2pm - 3pm
A meeting of RGU:Union's Executive Committee

Student Media

Bravely Default Review

Wed 19 Feb 2020

Bravely Default is your typical JRPG with a twist – the twist being that the gameplay mechanics are completely different compared to any JRPG by using the ‘Brave’ and ‘Default’ systems in turn-based combat.

Caroline Flack found dead in her flat

Tue 18 Feb 2020

Caroline Flack, famous British TV presenter, has been found to have taken her own life. She is known for presenting ‘Love Island’, the radio show ‘Heart Radio’, and, for winning ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

“We’ll Be Dancing Like it’s the Summer of ’69” - Bryan Adams Announces Tour Date in Aberdeen

Thu 13 Feb 2020

On 8 May, Bryan Adams will be playing at the P&J Live in Aberdeen. This will be his only Scottish tour date and is part of his new Shine A Light tour.

Charlotte's Tandems

Tue 11 Feb 2020

Charlotte's Tandems is a registered charity who lend tandems and tag-along bikes to those with disabilities or additional needs, who are unable to safely ride a bike themselves, for free.

Study finds male breast cancer on the rise

Mon 10 Feb 2020

A new Aberdeen University study found that male breast cancer diagnosis has risen continuously for the past 15 years.

What is the 'AGM'?

Mon 10 Feb 2020

This year RGU:Union's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on the 18th of February. It is an important opportunity to ensure that students' voices are heard. There will be a prize raffle and free food for those who attend.

'Frankenstein’ Review

Thu 06 Feb 2020

Rona Munro’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has just arrived in Aberdeen and will be on stage at His Majesty Theatre until Saturday 8 February.

Coronavirus: What is known so far

Thu 06 Feb 2020

Coronavirus originated in a city called Wuhan in the Hubei Province in China and cases are now reported to be in many countries around the world including the UK and Australia.

Trump found "not guilty" in impeachment trial

Thu 06 Feb 2020

Trump has been acquitted by the Senate after a controversial impeachment trial that dominated the world news and divided the US.

November's Meme of the Month

Thu 05 Dec 2019

November has been a wild month for memes ranging from the funny, the weird, a generational revolt and even political conspiracies. Let Radar take you on this wild ride as we tell you guys what our Meme of the Month is!