What's On

Wed 18th September

White Tshirt Night
18th September 7pm - 2am
White T-Shirt Night
18th September 8pm - 2am
RGU Pole Dance Freshers Party
18th September 9pm - 11pm

Thu 19th September

Innoflate with RGU Physios
19th September 7pm - 8pm
Innoflate Aberdeen, Beach Esplanade

Fri 20th September

Taster Session
20th September 6pm - 8pm
RGU Sport
Pub Crawl
20th September 8pm - midnight

Tue 24th September

RGU Shinty Taster
24th September 7pm - 8:30pm
Garthdee Astro

Wed 25th September

Night Out
25th September 9pm - 3am
Triple Kirks

Student Media

The Mueller Report: What it Said, and What it Didn’t

Sun 21 Apr 2019

A couple weeks ago, Special Counsel Robert Mueller finished his report on President Trump’s ties with Russia and obstruction of justice.

Candlelit Vigil to be Held in Memory of Aberdeen Teenager

Tue 26 Mar 2019

Candles will light up Aberdeen’s Broad Street with mourners taking part in a 2-minute silence by the water fountain outside Marshall College.

First All-Female Spacewalk Cancelled Over Lack of Spacesuits

Tue 26 Mar 2019

NASA confirmed plans for the first all-female spacewalk in history was thrown out due to sizing issues of a second space suit.

Speak Up, Speak Out

Mon 25 Mar 2019

In school Jasmine used art as a form of escapism. In order to avoid the thrashings from her toxic girlfriend. Jasmine says: “She wasn’t allowed in the art department because she didn’t take the subject. She couldn’t stop me from going there, it was a

What Can You Do With Your Media Degree?

Sun 24 Mar 2019

The media industry is such a wide sector, there are a number of career paths to go down with the media degree. Some areas would include marketing, content creation, digital media, film production, interactive media design, social media and advertisin

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann”: A review of the new Netflix series

Sun 24 Mar 2019

Many may reflect on 2007 as being a simpler time before life began to feel governed by Instagram, the Kardashians and Donald Trump. However, in May of the same year the world was rocked by arguably the most famous missing persons case in history.

Captain Marvel Review

Sun 24 Mar 2019

“Higher. Further. Faster.” On International Women’s Day Marvel did more to advance their treatment of women in 124 minutes than they have in 11 years of production.

Fed up of Listening to the Same Songs? Here’s How to Discover New Music

Sun 24 Mar 2019

Do you ever feel stuck listening to the same album by the same artist on the same platform? Fear not, here are a few Radar tips on discovering new music.

Planning Study Abroad? Helpful Tips and Facts

Sun 24 Mar 2019

Making the decision to go study abroad takes a lot of consideration. It is also an exciting time when you find out where in the world you can spend a semester, or even a whole year. Wherever tops your list of preferred destinations, study abroad take

Clueless Remake: What We Know so Far

Sun 24 Mar 2019

Following recent news, Clueless, a 90s high school chick flick classic, box office smash and cult classic, has been set for a modern remake and the fans of the original movie have shared mixed feelings.