RGU:Union has a set of policies, protocols and associated procedures which the Union and its members are required to adopt and abide by. Click on the links below to find out more about the Union's policies and other notable documents, and for enquires, email the President (Communication and Democracy).

Students' Union Code of Practice

Under Section 22 of the Education Act 1994 the University's Board of Governors must approve a Code of Practice detailing the steps taken by the University to ensure that it fulfils its obligations pursuant to the Act in relation to the Students’ Union.

For further information on the Students' Union Code of Practice, email the President (Communication and Democracy).

RGU:Union Equality & Diversity Policy

For further information on the Students' Union Equality & Diversity Policy, email the President (Education & Welfare).

RGU:Union Health & Safety Policy

 For further information on policy and associated procedures, email the President (Communication and Democracy).

RGU:Union Management of Speakers Protocol

The University and the Students’ Union both support a diverse range of events, clubs and societies at RGU. Both recognise that they have a responsibility to organise events in such a way as to avoid, so far as is reasonably practicable, staff, students or others being subject to intimidation, coercion, victimisation or harassment.

The purpose of this protocol is to enable events, which have speakers, to be organised and proceed with minimum administrative burden but also with appropriate, proportionate due diligence given to the purpose of the event on the campus and the speakers involved.

For further information on the protocal, email the President (Communication and Democracy).

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