Constitution and Regulations

RGU:Union has a constitution and a set of regulations which the Union and its members shall need to abide by. The constitution is a legal document outlining how the charity shall operate and the regulations provide a more detailed outline of the Union's activities. Click on the links below to find out more about the Union's Constitution and Regulations, and for enquires concerning past revisions, email the President (Communication and Democracy).


The Constitution of RGU:Union is the legal document that outlines how the charity shall operate and all the rules it must follow. The Trustee Board of the Students' Union is responsible for ensuring that the organisation is run properly, abides by charity law, and understands the constitution. The constitution outlines who the members of the union are, how to establish a trustee board, and refers to several more detailed regulations which provide specific guidance on key areas such as elections, finance and discipline.

For further information on the constitution or for any queries related to the Union's constitution, email the President (Communication and Democracy).


The Union has a number of regulations which provide more detailed information on the key activities of the Union as outlined in the constitution. The regulations give rules and procedures in areas such as membership, standing forums, elected officers, complaints, finance and more. 

For further information on the regulations or for any queries related to the Union's regulations, email the President (Communication and Democracy).

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