What do you care most about?

Campaigns can take shape in a number of different ways. One of the most common forms is the awareness campaign. When a campaign is done well it can attract attention from all over the UK, allowing students to get their voice heard loud and clear. It’s all about taking your ideas forward, and making a difference.

A campaign is…

- An organised activity or series of activities energetically marketed to accomplish an aim
- A way of engaging likeminded people to achieve a goal
- A method of persuasion spread about the topic to encourage others
- About change

You can make a difference!

Campaigning is one of the most visible ways the Union represents Robert Gordon University students – we campaign to ensure that your views are heard on issues that are important to you. The Union campaigns are an opportunity to put words into actions to ensure that issues affecting the quality of your student experience are resolved.

Campaigning can bring about positive change on a local, national or even global level and in turn improve your experience as a student.

It is important that students speak out against injustice, and give their support to issues that they feel will have a positive impact on the lives of those around them.

Nearly all progressive issues have been born from the student movement. If there is something you feel strongly about and want to change, contact the Union for support and lead that change. You can contact your elected Union officers who will endeavour to support you with campaigns in any way they can. When you have a campaign, issue, win, or simply want to to follow what’s going on with campaigns at RGU, check out #RGUCHANGE on Twitter.

Throughout the past year students at RGU have campaigned and achieved significant wins which have literally changed lives.

Our students have led campaigns to raise awareness surrounding working conditions in sweatshops; and have shown support for liberation campaigns such as LGBT+, women, international students and many others. Students at RGU have also taken part in campaigns based around mental health issues, cultural awareness, environmental initiatives and many more.

As well as helping to increase public awareness of these issues, pressure from RGU campaigners has directly resulted in better value tickets for students on public transport services and has seen RGU officers lobby MPs and MSPs on a range of issues that effect students. Campaigners have also set up a range of initiatives which has led to the Union being recognised by winning a green impact Gold Award and an Equality and Diversity award at a national level.