Launched in 2015, The Live Right Campaign aimed to support students during the search and the finding of safe and affordable accommodation whilst living and studying in Aberdeen.

Each year, the majority of students move from living at home to student accommodation or to private accommodation and have to make huge decisions about flats, contracts, suppliers, and more. It is important that students not only have a clear place to go to get the information but are also provided with the opportunities to find a safe and affordable place to stay.

The Live Right pages on the RGU:Union website were developed to provide students with the tools to both rate and comment on Aberdeen-based letting agencies. Accommodation advice was also supplied which addressed topics such as popular housing myths, moving-in checklists and help with flat hunting. The highlight of the campaign was the Live Right Housing Fair which was launched to give students the opportunity to meet and speak to accommodation providers and to, ultimately, help all students of RGU find safe and affordable accommodation.

Since its creation, the Live Right campaign has been streamlined into a more efficient process whilst still maintaining most of the elements that made the original campaign such a success. The accommodation advice has now been fed into the advice and support pages of the RGU:Union website and, in conjunction with ResLife, a 'Moving On' Guide’ is produced yearly which contains the most up-to-date information and advice for students seeking accommodation for the next academic year.

The Live Right Housing Fair continues to be a yearly event for RGU:Union and it is usually held in the second semester to allow students enough time to consider the many different options that are presented to them. At the Live Right housing fair, students will be able to meet with accommodation providers and speak to potential utility providers from the local area as well as being able to interact with accommodation advice services.