Forms and Admin

Here is a list of downloadable forms to save you a trip to the union office. All forms should be submitted by email and in Word format to 


Society Info Pack - All the info you need to run your society 

Introduction to Running a Society & Role Descriptions - CLICK HERE

Society Finance Guide - CLICK HERE

Society AGM Guide - CLICK HERE

Other Helpful Information for Societies - CLICK HERE


Room and Event Bookings

Room booking and event bookings are now done online only - CLICK HERE

Event listings on RGU:Union website - CLICK HERE

Events Ticket Form - CLICK HERE


General forms:

Application Form - CLICK HERE

Constitution Form - CLICK HERE

Next of Kin Form - CLICK HERE



Grant Request Form - CLICK HERE

Expenses Form - CLICK HERE

Pay In Form - CLICK HERE

Authorised Signatories - CLICK HERE

Incoming Payment Guide - CLICK HERE

Budget Planner Template - CLICK HERE


Events, Trips and Risk Assessments:

External Activities Form - required for all society trips away from campus - CLICK HERE

Template Risk Assessment - Blank -  CLICK HERE

Risk Assessment Guidance - CLICK HERE

Template Risk Assessment  - On Campus - General Risks - CLICK HERE

Template Risk Assessment  - On Campus - Food Related -  CLICK HERE

Template Risk Assessment -  Off Campus Risk Assessment (with alcohol)- CLICK HERE 

Template Risk Assessment -  Off Campus Risk Assessment (without alcohol) - CLICK HERE

Bake Sale Checklist - CLICK HERE

Food Safety Form- CLICK HERE

Accident Report Form - CLICK HERE


External Speakers:

Management of Speakers Protocol - CLICK HERE


End of Year:

End of Year Report - CLICK HERE

Inventory Form - CLICK HERE

Handover Checklist - CLICK HERE

Development Plan Document - CLICK HERE

Committee Update Form - CLICK HERE







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