Equality Champions

Equality Champions are representative roles at RGU:Union where individuals who self-define into either a liberation group or group of underrepresented students on campus represent the issues they face.

Our team of champions take a lead on liberation campaigns, organising events, arranging fundraisers, and liaising with the university, Staff Equality Champions and the Union to ensure that we have a vibrant and diverse culture at RGU, which is safe and free from discrimination and prejudice. They do this through using the Student Partnership Agreement to structure their work.

How do I get involved?

Could you be a representative for minority groups? Could you fight for changes to be made at RGU? Could you make life better for the diverse community at RGU? The Equality Champions work with the university and union to represent the views of these key groups of students.

Applications to be an Equality Champion are NOW OPEN! Apply here now!

Meet the Equality Champions

Mature Champion
Mel Colquhoun
Email me!

Sexual Orientation Champion
Rafal Baranowski
Email me!

Disability and Inclusion Champion
Bronach Nova-O'Connell
Email me!

Disability and Inclusion Champion
Emma Marshall
Email me!

Race Champion
Raymond Anonyai
Email me!

Womens' Champion
Lilli Lang
Email me!

Trans Champion
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Men's Champion
Paul Fosizi Obayayi
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Student Parent Champion
Adesola Afun-Ogidan
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