RGU:Nightline is a student-led Helpline offering a non-judgemental, anonymous listening Service, supporting fellow RGU students outside academic hours
RGU:Nightline is a student-led peer to peer helpline that offers a non-judgmental, confidential and anonymous listening and support service to students at Robert Gordon University outside of academic hours (operating form 8pm through until 8am).  

Our specially trained student volunteers recognise that university is a time of many changes and challenges, and can empathise with callers. They don't judge, they don't give advice, and they certainly don't tell callers what to do - they just listen. best of all, nightline is confidential and anonymous, meaning students accessing the service don't even have to give their name.

It's said that one in four people suffer from mental health illnesses, and for students this may be for a variety of issues: from academic stress, bullying or debt, to loneliness, depression or bereavement; from arguments with flatmates or worries about a friend, to addictions, eating disprders or self-harm; from relationship or family problems to sexuality, sexual abuse or abortion. As well as our phone lines, we also offer support via email, instant messaging and can provide information and supplies such as pregnancy tests, condoms, and personal attack alarms.  

If you would like to speak to a RGU:Nightline listener please contact:

Phone: 01224 26 36 46

E-Mail: listening@rgu.nightline.ac.uk

Instant Message: Click Here




Would you like to become one of our RGU: Nightline listeners or Public-Facing volunteers?  Well now you can!  Check out our volunteer page here for an info pack and application form!  There are many benefits to volunteering for us, but more importantly, you will be supporting your fellow students at RGU.


EMAIL: Listening@rgu.nightline.ac.uk

Our specially trained volunteers will respond within 48 hours! All information goes through our special software which removes all identifying data – so the volunteers will never know who sent an email.