Union Staff

Gregor Mailer
Design & Marketing Manager

Email: ext.mailer@rgu.ac.uk
Tel: 01224 262 296

Euan Walker
Student Development & Volunteering Co-ordinator

Email: e.walker6@rgu.ac.uk
Tel: 01224 262 265

Jordan Creasey
Student Advice & Administration Co-ordinator

Email: j.creasey@rgu.ac.uk
Tel: 01224 262 294

Jo Taylor
Union Administrator

Email: j.taylor27@rgu.ac.uk
Tel: 01224 262 266

Debbie Booth
Personal Assistant

Email: ext.booth@rgu.ac.uk
Tel: 01224 262 293

Graeme Clark
Finance Officer

Email: g.clark10@rgu.ac.uk
Tel: 01224 262 267

Lynne Fraser
Deeview Student Store

Email: shop@rguunion.co.uk
Tel: 01224 262 261

Norma Polson
Deeview Student Store

Email: shop@rguunion.co.uk
Tel: 01224 262 261

Val Forbes
Deeview Student Store

Email: val.forbes@rguunion.co.uk
Tel: 01224 262 268

Lam Truong
Design & Marketing Assistant

Email: l.truong1@rgu.ac.uk
Tel: 01224 262 268

Mohaned El-Zarouk
Media Placement

Email: m.el-zarouk1@rgu.ac.uk
Tel: 01224 263 145


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