The UK General Election 2024

The UK General Election will take place on Thursday 4th July 2024.

Students make up 10% of the voting population - we have the power to make ourselves heard.

General Elections usually only happen every 5 years, so if you don’t use your vote you’ll likely have to wait another half decade to have your say.

NUS are encouraging students to Turn Up to Vote. By signing the pledge, you will then begin a supporter journey which ensures you are sent all the information you need to cast your vote on 4th July. Sign the pledge here.



Tuesday 18th June - Last day to register to vote

Wednesday 19th June - Last day to apply for a postal vote.

Wednesday 26th June - Last day to apply for a Voter ID Certificate AND last day to apply for a proxy vote

Thursday 4th July - General Election - VOTING!



How do I know if I'm eligible to vote?
You can check if you are eligible by heading to 

I’m away on 4th July, what should I do?
Apply for a postal vote

That won’t work for me…
Apply for a proxy vote - that gives permission for someone to vote on your behalf. 

I’m a student, where do I vote?
Register at both your term time address and home address. You must only vote once!

Where and when do I vote in person?
You will receive a polling card that will tell you which polling station to go to. Polling stations are normally open from 7am - 10pm.

Do I need photo ID to vote?
Yes, you do. You’ll need a valid form of photo ID such as a passport or driving license to vote in the UK General Election. University ID does not count. Get Voter ID here.

If you don’t already have, you can get a FREE ID from CitizenCard - using code 'NUS' at checkout - normally £18!

Who should I vote for?
Well, that's up to you! We encourage you to look at each party's website to read their manifestos, and vote for whoever you feel will represent you best.

You can also follow NUS Scotland for simple breakdowns of the manifestos and how they will impact students.

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