Exec Committee

As with any organisation we have a structure, and students are at the top of that structure! It is our team of elected Student Presidents and Vice Presidents (collectively called the Executive Committee) who make decisions that shape the day to day running of the Union, the campaigns we run, the events we arrange, and how the organisation develops.

The Executive Committee needs you, the students, to let them know your thoughts about the Union and about life as a student at RGU. If you have any queries or issues please don’t hesitate to speak to the team – they are here to listen and will do all they can to support you.

Feel free to stop and say "hi" if you see them around campus, or pop in to the Students’ Union offices any time.


Ursula Ojiji
President (Communication & Democracy)

Email: prescd@rguunion.co.uk
Tel: 01224 262 295



Emmanuel Akerele
President (Education & Welfare)

Email: presew@rguunion.co.uk
Tel: 01224 262 297



Kieran Matthews
President (Sport & Physical Activity)

Email: presspa@rguunion.co.uk
Tel: 01224 263 665



Ross Leven
Vice President (Education)

Email: vpeducation@rguunion.co.uk



Jordan Moore
Vice President (Sport)

Email: vpsport@rguunion.co.uk



Megan Kerr
Vice President (Societies)

Email: vpsocieties@rguunion.co.uk



Dami Yusuf
Vice President (International)

Email: vpinternational@rguunion.co.uk



John Gbabo
Vice President (Welfare)

Email: vpwelfare@rguunion.co.uk




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