Exec Committee

The Union is yours! That is the most important thing for students to know.

The big question is how can you REALLY have an effect on how the Union is run? Well as with any organisation we have a structure, and the students are at the top of that structure. But it is the Executive Board that has the say on how the Union develops and makes its decisions. The Executive Board needs you, the students, to let them know your thoughts on the Union, allowing us to keep the students’ best interests as our primary aim.

If you check out the Constitution (the document which sets the rules by which the Union operates) it states that: “The Executive Board shall be responsible for the day to day management and control of all of the affairs and property of the Association and may exercise the powers of the Association as it thinks fit, save only as otherwise provided by this constitution and in accordance with the Regulations.”

If you have any queries or issues please don’t hesitate to speak to us – we are here to listen and will do all we can to support you. Feel free to stop us if you see us around campus or pop in and see us at the Students’ Union offices any time.


Michael Ife
(Communication & Democracy)

Email: prescd@rguunion.co.uk


Adam James Johnston
(Education & Welfare)

Email: presew@rguunion.co.uk


Gavin Rittoo
(Sport & Physical Activity)

Email: presspa@rguunion.co.uk



Martha Gilmore
Vice President

Email: vpso@rguunion.co.uk


Osama Irfan
Vice President
(Entertainment & Events)

Email: vpenev@rguunion.co.uk

Dugbatey Teye
Vice President

Email: vpi@rguunion.co.uk


Kai Rough
Raising And Giving
(RAG) Chair

Email: ragchair@rguunion.co.uk



Sam Thiesen
Vice President
(Wellbeing & Equal Opps)

Email: vpwe@rguunion.co.uk



Emmanuel Akerele
Vice President

Email: vpc@rguunion.co.uk


Otto Jutila
Vice President
(Environment & Ethics)

Email: vpenet@rguunion.co.uk

Ivan Okoli-Ejike
Vice President
(Student Affairs)

Email: vpsa@rguunion.co.uk

Kieran Matthews
Vice President

Email: vpsp@rguunion.co.uk





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