Start a new Network

Starting your own Network is easy!

Simply follow these 5 steps:

1. Fill in a Network application form available here
- There must be a linked protected characteristic for your Network
- Under “Aims and Objectives” put down as much detail as possible making it clear what the Network is all about and what it aims to achieve.
- A brief overview of planned Network activities for the year will show that you are organised and focused on what you want to achieve.

2. Get it approved.
- We will look over your application and either approve or disapprove. We’ll let you know the decision via the email address provided on your application.

3. Choose your committee.
- Each society must have a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Communication & Engagement Lead. 
- Any other committee positions can be added at the discretion of the Network.
- All committee members must be RGU students
- Details of the election process can be found in your constitution

4. Write your constitution available here
- You will receive a draft constitution which you need to fill in with your committee members, aims and objectives for your Network
- Make sure you read the rest of the information carefully and understand it before signing

5. Network induction.
- At least two members of the committee must attend induction training, preferably the President and any other committee member(s).
- Some important things you will learn are:
- What opportunities you have for funding as a Network
- What ways the Union can support you
- Opportunities you have to be rewarded for your hard work
- How your views are represented and how decisions that affect you as a Network are made




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