Black History Month 2023

Black History Month

Black History Month is a celebration of black history, culture and pride. In the UK, the month of October is put aside to recognise and celebrate the contributions and the achievements of the black community and learn about black historical and contemporary figures who contribute to Britain.

Black History Month further aims to highlight the pride and struggles of people of black origin and other persons of colour from African and Caribbean backgrounds. That is why this year the theme is "Celebrating our Diverse Community: Global Citizens at RGU and Beyond" and for us at RGU:Union and RGU, 2023 Black History Month is focused on Connecting, Creating and Celebrating.

The first step towards meaningful change is awareness which leads to self-realization and discovery. So as we look forward to Black History Month this October, RGU and RGU:Union have been working in partnership to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to not just join in the celebrations of black origin, history and culture but to raise awareness about racism, sensitizing the community and actively join in tackling and eradicating racism completely. RGU Library have put together a Black History Month reading list for you all to enjoy.

Head to the RGU website to see what else is going on.

Black History Month: Events Line-up

BHM Movie Screening & Cultural ConversationsCelebrating Cultural Diversity Event

BHM Campus WalkBHM Campus Walk

Black History Month: Previous Events

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