The way that RGU and RGU:Union work in partnership to improve the student experience.


RGU strives to offer students the very best university experience by working in partnership with our students to create a vibrant learning community.

By working closely with RGU:Union and collecting feedback directly from students, the University is able to ensure that student are represented at every stage of development.

Individually, and collectively, students and staff continue to help shape and change the student experience within the university. 


In response to student feedback the University launched the RGU Learning and Teaching Framework, outlining our commitment to providing transformative education.

Listening to your feedback

Some of the ways that you can provide your views and opinions are through:

  • informal links which exist between students and staff.
  • completing Student Voice Surveys which will be issued at regular intervals throughout your course.
  • becoming a Student Representative, Student School Officer, Equality Champion or other representative role, allowing you to engage in meetings, formal committees and other groups around the University.
  • the RGU:Union Executive Committee that is made up of elected student presidents and vice presidents who meet with and engage regularly with senior staff within the University.
  • the Institution Led Subject Review process which is undertaken for each subject, every 6 years or so, involves a panel of individuals from within the University as well as external members.

To find out more about the above or a wider range opportunities to get involved, please contact the University or RGU:Union.  

In response to student feedback, the university has introduced changes such as:

  • More buses available at peak times for travel to and from campus, and an increased number of student parking permits and improved pricing structures with daily and monthly pricing options.
  • Tuesday morning breakfast club providing free breakfast and drinks to students and staff in a warm and relaxed environment.
  • Free membership at RGU SPORT for all students, providing unlimited access to the gym, swimming pool, and group exercise classes, along with discounted access to the climbing wall and bouldering room, and sports hall activities.
  • Commitment to divest from fossil fuels.
  • New RGU:Union spaces in the Riverside Building for student activities, socialising, and studying, as well as space for student-led projects such as RGU Go Green’s second-hand clothing and homeware store.

Recognising Student Contributions

Our work in partnership isn't possible without student representatives, student school officers and other representative roles within the University.

Through training and fulfilment of these roles, you will learn transferable skills which will enable you to showcase your ability to thrive in a working environment and contribute to a productive team.  

In addition to this, students who have completed their role as a student representative, or engaged in relevant recognised activities, will receive recognition on their HEAR record.

The University's RGU Plus Beyond the Classroom Pathway (BCP) allows you to turn your experiences in these roles into employability skills and awards, by recognising the skills, time, effort and value that your experience can offer.

In addition to the Student Representative  and Student School Officer roles, the Students' Union's affiliated SocietiesStudent GroupsNetworksSports Clubs and other volunteering opportunities, all contribute towards an application to the Engagement and Partnership Awards.

Listen to Jill Stevenson, Director of Student Life, and your Student Presidents, Toyin, Patricia, and Phoebe, explain more about the Agreement:

Student Partnership Agreement & Achieved in Partnership 


The 2024/25 Student Partnership Agreement launched in January 2024. 

The Agreement will run for the next 18 months, as we focus on our objective of “fostering an engaged and inclusive RGU community”. 

Under this objective, we will focus on three strands of activity:

  • Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
  • Extracurricular Activities Beyond the Classroom
  • Identifying and Removing Barriers to Engagement


Over the next 18 months, we will be looking for students to take part in surveys, focus groups, and partnership projects around our three key areas of focus. Student Reps and Student School Officers will be involved in gathering feedback from classmates and working with staff to implement actions based on this feedback. We will also work directly with any students who are interested in being involved with partnership activities, by seeking out and listening to feedback and recruiting students to work with us on engagement projects. Everyone will have the opportunity to be involved and make a difference.

We will promote partnership activity through social media and email communication. To learn more, email:


Find us on social media:




The more you are involved, the more your voice is heard, and the better we can make everyone’s experience at RGU.

Download our new Student Partnership Agreement here