The way that RGU and RGU:Union work in partnership to improve the student experience.










  • Union Way Development: Students have been working with the university to significantly develop social space outside RGU:Union. Over the past year, students and staff have been working together to design a new vibrant space in the heart of the campus. Through the Student Partnership Agreement in 2014/15, we were able to bid for new furnaiture for the space, and in summer 2015, we relaunched with astroturf, music, sofas, Street Food cart and more. From 2015/16, student and staff have been working on the next phase, which will include a major construction project for a new RGU:Union shop on the street, which was launched at the start of the 2016/17 session. The space was redeveloped and rebranded from University Street to Union Way with new branding. 
  • Vending Machines in the Sir Ian Wood Building: Thanks to student feedback, a range of new vending machines have been provided in the Sir Ian Wood Building.
  • Microwaves in the Sir Ian Wood Building: After a significant amount of student feedback, a review was taken to the provision of microwaves in the Sir Ian Wood Building. The current microwave was only avaliable after 7pm, but after lobbying from RGU:Union and student representatives, the microwave hours were extended to be open all the time.
  • Introducing the 1A Service: RGU and RGU:Union have been working with First Aberdeen to improve the service provided to students to get to the Gathdee Campus. One of the outcomes of this work was a new 1A service, which leaves the campus and loops directly back into the city centre. This change has been strongly welcomed by students and has been a positive enhancement.
  • Improving bus service: Along with the 1A, through partnership and working with First Aberdeen, there have been a number of improvements to the service, including increased frequenciy at peak times, new double decker buses introduced to increase capacity as wel as others. Representatives have fed back that the service has improved and they welcome the work done.
  • New U1 Late Night Bus Service: Another achievement from working with First Aberdeen was the introduction of a late night bus service allowing students who study late in the library while it is open for 24 hours to get home safely with buses running from Garthdee to the City Centre at 1:15am, 2:15am, 3:15am and 4:15am during the two weeks of exams.
  • New 'Connected' newsletter: Workjing with Distance Learning representatives, a new enhancement was introducing a distance learning specific newsletter called 'Connected'. Many of the existing communications were not relvant to these students, so the new communication improved the community for distance students and helps them be more engaged with RGU and RGU:Union.
  • Improvements to WiFi: A key area of student feedback from 2014/15 was issues with WiFi, so students and staff worked closely to outline a number of improvements, and new communications and projects to help improve connectivity on campus. Students fed back that this was also an area where they has seen a big improvement for this year.