The way that RGU and RGU:Union work in partnership to improve the student experience.






The COVID-19 pandemic made us all think differently about what matters to us – in various contexts. The Partnership Objective reflects on the Union and University's response during the pandemic and will consider how we are emerging stronger to remain equipped for the opportunities and challenges of the future. The objective explores what has worked well, what was missed and future opportunities, and  focuses on physical, mental, and social health. 

Each segment will be taken by a student lead within the RGU:Union with support from the University. 

   Physical health – President (Sport and Physical Activity) 

   Mental health – President (Education and Welfare) 

   Social health – President (Communication and Democracy) 

By forming a better understanding of the current experiences of our staff and students, together we can inform future decision making at strategic and operational levels. 






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