“I love you, but I have chosen Versace”

A look at the Versace Autumn-Winter 2022 Ready-to-Wear collection and detailing the Versace runway event itself.

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Versace is consistent with their sleek, going out looks on the runway every season. Donatella describes this season's show as “An elastic band pulled tight and about to snap back with a build up of energy”, (Vogue, 2022). Referring to the limits and restrictions put onto the average Versace girl due to the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s restrictions on going out, more specifically the lustrous outfits that come with that. Donatella also states that this collection was created with Gen-Z in mind. She ensures the presence of miniskirts and bra tops in the midst of various, slightly more mature statement pieces such as latex tights, blazers and corset everything! And I mean everything! Have you ever seen a corseted puffer jacket? All garments that were gracefully showcased by high fashion IT girls including Adut Akech, Gigi and Bella Hadid in front of a glossy red background. The atmosphere was completed with a bouncy, futuristic track accompanied by what seems to be a recording of Donatella Versace’s voice – “I love you, but I have chosen Versace.” 

The collection consists of various elegant, dark, “workwear” type outfits such as two piece suits, pin striped skirts and trousers, corset and blazer dresses. All worn slightly oversized with exaggerated shoulder pads to accentuate and cinch the waist, paired with platform heels to elongate the legs; creating those nostalgic 80s silhouettes used in power dressing. Versace also makes amazing use of the houndstooth pattern in many looks this season, playing around with colours, scale and textures. Houndstooth has historically been a print sported by the upper class, as a status symbol and is traditionally seen in black and white, which is still portrayed in the collection. However, Versace also provides us with the honourable print in bolder colours such as red, pink and green. These houndstooth pieces are also seen in different textures, in frills to give us some distressed and casual garments. This collection also includes a variety of shimmery, glittery looks paired with low waist trousers and skirts, catering to the recent resurgence of 2000s fashion. 

Details from this collection are just as stellar as the main garments, golden belts and Versace pendants, rings and earrings adding another layer of sleek expensiveness. The accessories reflect what Donatella mentioned about this collection being put into fruition with Gen-Z in mind, this being proven by the bucket hats and mini bags that are prevalent this season, ranging in many different textures from faux fur to faux leather, puffer bags and hats. Larger framed sunglasses with coloured rims and lenses, pulling the looks together by adding an air of mystery and “cool girl” energy. This season also includes the infamous platform medusa heels except this time in point! Which everyone admires as much as the box toe silhouette from Versace A/W21, worn by various icons in pop culture such as Beyonce, Ariana Grande and Bella Hadid. 

The end of the show was very on brand for Versace, having the models all pose at the edges of the runway behind the sheer backgrounds like mannequins – just so you could see the silhouettes of the outfits in the shadows before the backgrounds are lifted and we get to see the models – still in their original poses. Donatella walks through the middle wearing a full leather dress and shoes to match, ceasing the show with a royal wave and Versace smile.



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