Too Close to Call: No Clear Victor Declared in Contentious U.S Election

No candidate has been declared the clear victor in last night’s presidential election as results remain close across key battleground states like North Carolina.

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No candidate has been declared the clear victor in last night’s presidential election as results remain close across key battleground states like North Carolina.


President Donald Trump outperformed previous predictions which gave his Democratic opponent good odds of winning Georgia and regaining the ‘rust belt’ states lost in 2016.


Many in Biden's party had hoped for ‘an early night’ but still remain confident of victory, even as counting looks set to continue into the week.


Many votes are yet to be accounted for as a broken pipe hindered an Atlanta count and absentee ballots remain to be tallied elsewhere.


The Democrats maintained control of the House of Representatives while the senate looks likely to remain in Republican hands.


Trump’s ability to pull off another upset remains to be seen but his chances remain stronger than previous pundits gave him credit for as the national swing to Biden remains an underwhelming three percent.


The thin margins of Tuesday’s election have not alleviated fears as both parties ‘lawyer up’ for a contested poll like that of the 2000 election.


The lack of convincing results for Biden have been blamed on voter suppression. Republicans have been under fire for the closure of polling places and redrawing of constituencies which have resulted in longer voting lines.


However, a path to victory exists for both candidates, even as such routes to the Oval Office narrow and any outcome hair-raisingly close.


The margin between the two men is around 70,000 in North Carolina and remains ‘too-close to call’. Trump won Florida narrowly while Ohio, a key Mid-Western state, shifted further ‘red’.


The Democrats have witnessed success in Georgia, North Carolina and Wisconsin with Biden saying “keep the faith, we’re going to win this”.


Donald Trump struck a different tone on Twitter with “we are up big, but they are trying to STEAL the election”. The incumbent then went on to say the election “is a fraud of American public” before demanding the Supreme Court suspend all counting.


It would be foolish to assume current results in some states so far are accurate depictions of the final outcome as many postal votes remain to be seen.


Over 100 million absentee ballots were cast and are more than enough to swing this election, especially seeing as the 2020 contest could come down to a handful of states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.



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