Handy Revision Top Tips

With exams arriving there is a rush to the finish line. However, in order to help you manage, during what can be an extremely stressful time, Radar has compiled a list of handy revision top tips.

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With exams arriving there is a rush to the finish line. However, in order to help you manage, during what can be an extremely stressful time, Radar has compiled a list of handy revision top tips. 

Find out what kind of learner you are

 There are three types of learners: visual, kinaesthetic and auditory. To find out which one you are there are many quizzes online which you can participate in.

If you are a visual learner you will most likely find flashcards, symbols and diagrams useful. Highlighting in different colours for different topics or techniques can also be helpful. Here at Radar, when making diagrams, we often use Google JamBoard as it allows us to put the diagrams into folders under our topics’ names. Keeping notes organised this way means that it is easy to allocate everything when you need it, thus decreasing stress levels.

If you are a kinaesthetic learner this means that you like to revise whilst doing a physical activity. One of the best ways to learn this way is by teaching someone else your notes, using hand gestures and a whiteboard. If you don’t have a physical whiteboard there are many online options. If you live on your own then video-call a loved one or, perhaps, call someone in your class and take turns teaching each other. 

If you are an auditory learner then you will most likely find listening to things the most effective way to learn. Your smartphone should have an audio recorder. Make a presentation of your key findings and record yourself reading through it. When recording yourself make sure to emphasise anything that is crucial, for instance any statistics you’ve found that you will most likely need. 

Pomodoro Technique 
An effective way for studying is through using the Pomodoro technique. Using this technique you will schedule your day into sessions of 25 minutes followed by 5 minute breaks. This is a great way to revise, especially if you have more than one exam. When you are on your 5 minute break it can be tempting to just go on social media; instead, though, get some exercise and/or a piece of fruit. Your brain needs to be kept in great shape for your upcoming exams!

Set up an effective study space
When you’re organising a study space try and set it at a table (whether it’s a desk or kitchen table). Make sure you have all your resources organised so that when you are studying you don’t need to go and look for something. It can be good to have a ring binder for your module, with a poly pocket with some pens and highlighters inside. 
Also make sure that your study space suits your own needs. For instance, although cafes are shut right now, if you like to listen to noise whilst you’re studying then there are many great ASMR YouTube clips that you may find handy. 

Hopefully, you will find some of these techniques handy. Do remember that when studying for exams you need to drink water, eat healthily, exercise and sleep well so that your brain gets looked after. 

Last, but certainly not least, Radar wishes you the best of luck in your exams! 


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