Accommodation Search

Looking for a new place but don't know where to start? Then check out some property websites such as: RightmoveZoopla, Citylets and ASPC. The first two of these, Rightmove and Zoopla, are UK-wide property portals whilst Citylets deals with property to let in Scotland and ASPC is an Aberdeen-specific property search agency. There are also some search portals for purpose-built student accommodation such as Unilodgers and StuRents.

When looking on these websites, remember our flat hunting top tips! Always use a range of search engines to find a property that has the right price, lease length and meets your needs. Consider if the location is convenient for both your studies and your social life, and research whether the property is well connected to the city (and to RGU) by bus routes and transport links. Make sure you check the performance certificates and find out about the average bill amounts for the property if you can. Finally, double check that the listing allows for student tenants!




If you are really stuck and traditional search portals aren't doing the trick then you could have a look at some social media groups. RGU:Move is a student-run Facebook group where landlords can post about their available properties and tenants can post of their interest or what they are looking for. RGU:Move is a helpful place to look if you are stuck; however, be aware that this site and any of its advertised posts are 1) not formally vetted by RGU:Union and/or Robert Gordon University, and 2) the legitimacy of any post cannot be verified by RGU:Union and/or Robert Gordon University.



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