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Why advertise at RGU:Union?

We are the Students' Union of Robert Gordon University, an independent charity set up to represent and support over 16,000 students at RGU. As a central organisation and go-to destination for students on-and-offline, we are best placed to connect students with brands they’ll love. Our students are highly engaged, receptive to new ideas, and at a formative time in their lives.

We run a number of different on-campus services, all with the aim of benefiting our members' time at university. These range from advice and welfare support, to promoting our various sports clubs, societies and student groups, operating commercial outlets, and arranging top quality student events.

Introducing native: our media partner

To advertise with us online or on campus, please get in touch with native. As RGU Student's Union's exclusive advertising partner, native powers our campus media and can help you to build sustainable and impactful relationships with 18-25-year-old students. Learn more about the advertising opportunities at RGU:Union via our media pack.

To book your next campaign and start reaching students at RGU:Union, get in touch with native today.

If you represent an organisation in the nightclub or nightlife sector, please contact RGU:Union directly to speak to our team.

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