Candidate for the position of President (Sport & Physical Activity)



Hi, my name is Gavin Rittoo and I have put my name forward to be your President of Sport and Physical Activity next year. I am currently in my 4th year at University studying journalism, a course which has brought me great experience in the world of sport in the past few years. 



• I have been active member of RGU Sport since week one of joining RGU. I have represented RGU for 4 years playing competitively across 3 different sports; Cricket, Badminton and Football (albeit some very badly). 

• From Vice President of Cricket in 2nd year to Vice President of Sport in 4th year my knowledge and experience of working with RGU sports clubs is second to none. I have been elected 3 years in a row onto the Sport and Physical Activity Team (SPAT) working closely alongside previous Sports Presidents GianPiero Franchi, Katherine Corbett, Richie Duncan and of course current president Eilidh Paterson. From this I have gained a real insight as to what the role of Sports President entails and the challenges and opportunity for change the role can bring. 

• Throughout my 3 years on SPAT my biggest achievement has been co-creating the universities sports show Purple Wednesdays - The first and only student run weekly sports result show in the whole of the UK. Over the past 3 years the show has gone from strength to strength under the supervision of Gabriel Antoniazzi and I, picking up University and nationally recognised awards along the way. This year the show is bigger and better than ever, with more interviews, more challenges and more laughter. This is due to the hard work and dedication put in by myself and the rest of the production team - a good example of the commitment I can bring you as Sports President.

• Out with the University life I have great experience and contacts in the sporting world. I am currently working for Aberdeen FC as part of their media and communications team. Last year, following a placement at Scottish Rugby I was selected to be the Scottish Ambassador for the British and Irish Lions tour of New Zealand. This role involved travelling the North Island of New Zealand with the squad, visiting schools, rugby clubs and sporting bodies trying to find out the secret to the All Blacks success from a grassroots level upwards, documenting our experiences and lessons learned along the way across The Lions social media channels. From these experiences I have developed a wide range of contacts and links which, if elected, I can use to benefit RGU and create more opportunities.


What will I do if elected?

• CHOOSE revamping and improve the current all club fundraising and sponsorship structure. More socials means more money for the Union, which means more money to spend on YOUR clubs.

• CHOOSE NEW KIT FOR ALL! The RGU contract with O’Neills is up at the end of the semester. Fancy having your tops made by Nike? Adidas? Under Armour? Or O’Neillsagain? I am the man to negotiate the best possible deal with a new supplier. • CHOOSE winning Granite City for the first time in 10 years. 

• CHOOSE increasing and encouraging more participation in sport through promoting second club memberships sales and developing more intramural sports competitions.

•CHOOSE approachability. I will create a positive, relaxed, friendly environment in which students can approach the President at any time to offer any ideas, pose questions or just come in for a chat.


Thank you for reading and make sure you CHOOSE GAV when voting opens on Monday 5th March.


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