Candidate for the position of Vice President (Societies)




My name is Martha and I’m running for Vice President Societies. 

I am a second year Pharmacy student and I am passionate about societies at RGU, because I believe they greatly improve the student experience. 

As well as being a member of multiple societies during my time at RGU, I was a committee member of the RGU gaming society for 2 years and I have spent the last year in the role of Vice President Societies. 

If re-elected I would like to focus on working on the following points:

• Re-inventing Refreshers Week – It has become clear that a change needs to be made to the way the union puts on Refreshers. I think a new arrangement could make this a greater opportunity for societies to meet new students and find new members.

• Continue the Society Quality Mark – The society quality mark is new initiative introduced this year to recognise the things societies are already doing at RGU. I think that it is important to reward societies for the great work that they do and to encourage them to keep achieving more. 

• Improve the awareness and engagement for societies – This something that I have been working on this year through working on the societies forum and try to help societies grow and find new members. I have enjoyed working with and supporting societies and would like to continue doing this.

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