Candidate for the position of President (Education & Welfare)

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Hillary Obinna Ginika


Candidate for the position of (Education and Welfare)




Hillary Obinna, Msc student, Business with Human Resources Management. I’ve always said that your time here in RGU is what you make of it. So far, active involvement in most aspects of the RGU student experience has made this true for me; whether it's by representing my academic course or simply enjoying the fruitful opportunities that RGU has to offer. I am determined, committed, and will always endeavor to get the best possible result for you.


I will ensure to use my presidency role to serve and represent students accurately and honestly. I will ensure that the board of trustees listens to you and most importantly I would strengthen the welfare of students both within the university and on a personal level by implementing an open door policy.



As the current vice president of international, I have launched an inquiry into the possibility of making available, some level of equal support to both home and international students in the areas of finance. I intend to do more on this, also looking into educational support and especially the health and general wellbeing of the entire students.


Secondly, differing methods of assessment are something that universities shy away from. However, the anxiety that comes with exams and their effect on students needs to be challenged, rather than normalised. Finally, a lot of students have become disengaged with study support, which raises the question as to whether it still caters to all students' needs. I will also work to create more practicality and convenience within the timetabling system to avoid overly-clustered lectures and attempt to reduce overly early or late lectures to help reduce lecture fatigue and other inconveniences to both students and staff.


From hands-on experiences as an international student, and also during the short time I have taken upon the vice president role, I have come to understand the difficulties and challenges associated with getting a suitable and affordable accommodation (both in terms of cost and otherwise), and its impact on students education. Hence I would do my best to provide adequate support on how to sort your accommodation before and after arrival to the University, and also work with the NUS and the Scottish government to liaise with private landlords for subsidized accommodation for students. They say success leaves a clue and seeing what Emmanuel Akerele who currently occupies the post has done with being part of a team to liaise with the Scottish government in getting the covid discretionary funds, I think this too is achievable. As a follow-up, I also intend to hold webinars at intervals to find out accommodation-related issues and give adequate support, in a bid to improve students' education and welfare.


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