President: Miriam Tiefel

Vice-President: Rebecca Foster

Vice-President/Secretary: Zuzanna Kotowska

Marketing, Sponsors and Partnerships: Dominika Pasztoova

Communication and Engagement Lead: Nina Heckova

About Us:

Are you interested in engaging stories, helpful tips and plans shared by successful women working in the largest businesses worldwide or influential start-up founders and entrepreneurs? Women in Business Network is the right place for you then!

Our society organises weekly workshops to help young people reach their career goals in the largest corporations, start their own businesses or prepare for interviews. We’ve held many insightful events with successful women from Forbes 30 under 30 list, consultants and recruiters from PwC and many others. Now, we plan to expand even further and continue with our Women Wednesday's events and you are all invited!

For more info just email us and follow us on social media so that you don’t miss anything! Make sure you do this as soon as possible since we plan different activities all the time. We’re looking forward to seeing you!


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