Volunteer with RGU:Radio

RGU:Radio is run by student volunteers, and there are loads of opportunities for you to get involved, whether you are interested in music, news, production, promotion or more.

Step-By-Step to Volunteering with RGU:Radio

Step 1: Get In Touch

The first thing to do is to get in contact with the team. This could be by dropping an e-mail to rguradio@rguunion.co.uk or joining the RGU:Radio Facebook group or speaking to our volunteers at the Fresher's Fayre or other events. You should find out about the roles on offer, ask any questions you have, and figure out if there is a particular role that interests you.

Step 2: Become A Member

Once you have decided how you want to be involved, you'll need to sign up officially. RGU:Radio is one of the few student groups which are totally free to join, but you still need to make sure the team have your contact details. All you have to do is drop by the RGU:Union offices and fill in a membership form, which can be viewed online by clicking here

Step 3: Complete Your Training

In order to be involved in RGU:Radio, you'll need to do some training on how to use the radio station, run a show, record your podcasts and things like that. Luckily, RGU:Radio provides all the training you will need to get you started as soon as possible. We often host training workshops at the start of the semester, but you can always get in touch with rguradio@rguunion.co.uk or absmedia@rgu.ac.uk to book a session. 

Step 4: Get Started

After you are trained up, you are ready to get started. There will be plenty of learning along the way. If you are a radio presenter, you should book in your show to the schedule and come up with a plan for your show. Those in production and music roles, should work on a plan for updating the system, outlining what jingles are needed, and engaging with presenters to set the schedule. 

Roles with RGU:Radio


A core role is being a presenter on RGU:Radio! This can be a show you run on your own, or with others, and involves you planning and hosting a regular show about a topic which you are interested in. This could be a particular kind of music, drama based shows, news and current affairs, sports, speech and discussion or more. You should have a clear idea of what you want the show to be, and to have a regular time each week you are available to present. The main duties of the presenter are:

  • Come up with a title, theme and content for the show
  • Decide on what music to play
  • Think of interesting topics, games or features to run between songs
  • Run the desk during shows, controlling microphones, music and jingles
  • Commit to a regular time for the show
  • Help with the promotion of the show and RGU:Radio
  • Record and upload your shows to MixCloud

Production and Music

Another essential part of RGU:Radio is the producers, programmers and music team, who are the behind the scenes team who keep the station running. These volunteers are responsible for managing the station, managing the music database, scheduling the shows, maintaining the equipment and more. There may be different roles for particular individuals, but the general duties include:

  • Uploading and organising music on the system
  • Working with presenters to plan shows, arrange music, brainstorm ideas
  • Support shows by preparing music, handling social media, helping with links
  • Coordinate the schedule of shows and communicate with presenters
  • Organise and maintain the studio and equipment
  • Provide training to presenters and volunteers
  • Source and produce jingles, beds and adverts

Marketing and Promotion

There are also roles around social media, events, promotion and administration. Those involved in these roles are responsible for the public facing side of the station and making sure as many people as possible are listening live and to the podcasts. The responsibilities of these students include:

  • Manage the social media channels for the station
  • Organise, upload and promote content on MixCloud
  • Update the RGU:Radio webpage
  • Create promotional materials for the station
  • Manage stalls at Freshers and Refreshers Fayre
  • Organise and host events for the station
  • Work with individual shows on branding


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