Your opinion counts at RGU!

Within a few weeks of starting the year, each course should elect a Class Representative. A Rep's job is to gather information from classmates on how their course, or university life, is going. Reps feed this information back to the University and the Union so that any problems can be addressed, or positive experiences highlighted. You'll also find out what's going on at RGU first!

For most students the main reason for getting involved and becoming a rep would be that you'll develop transferable skills, which you can build upon further during your course - and it looks great on your CV!

The University and the Union greatly value the contribution made by Class Reps, and all Reps receive a certificate at the end of the year to recognise their contribution. The Student Involvement and Contribution Awards scheme also recignises those who have made a significant contribution to improving the learning experience. In addition, your time as a Rep can count towards Saltire Awards.

For more information on the Rep scheme, contact our President (Education & Welfare)