AGM Progress

RGU:Union's Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place in the second semester each year, and allows your Student Presidents and Vice Presidents the opportunity to update you on the projects and campaigns on which they have been working for the current year.

The AGM also grants students the opportunity to present their own ideas to the Executive Committee and to let RGU:Union know about any thoughts or ideas for improvements concerning student university life. Students shall also play an important role in deciding the future direction of RGU:Union and are offered the opportunity to vote on important decisions that shall have a significant impact on the life of students at RGU.

Essentially, the AGM is a big meeting of students, with a fancy title., in which they can hear directly from their Student Presidents and Vice Presidents as they provide updates on recent projects and campaigns undertaken since being elected by the student body. These officers are thean offered the opportunity to inform the student body about their objectives and plans for the remainder of the year whilst providing details relating to the operations and strategic direction of RGU:Union.

Every student at RGU is automatically a member of the Students' Union, which means you get to have a say in how your Union is run! Therefore, the AGM is also a chance for RGU students to present their own ideas, inform the Executive Committee of thoughts or suggestions to improve university life, vote on student-submitted ideas, question the Student Presidents and Vice Presidents, and help to make huge decisions which decide the direction of RGU:Union!

Access updates on the work currently being undertaken by the Executive Committee and RGU:Union on the implementation of AGM-mandated motions on our AGM Motion Tracker, and access the outcome to past AGM motions as determined by the Executive Committee and RGU:Union in the AGM Motion Archive

An overview of historical Annual General Meetings can be found at the AGM Motion Summaries where you can access the motions discussed and voting results or previous AGMs .

If you have any questions regarding RGU:Union’s AGM or require any further information on any motions passed at one of them, contact the President (Communications & Democracy).

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