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President (Communication & Democracy)

The President (Communications & Democracy) is the primary spokesperson for the Union. They are responsible for ensuring the Union is acting in the best interests of its membership. The President (Communications & Democracy) is the primary link between the Executive Committee and the student membership.

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President (Education & Welfare)

The President (Education & Welfare) is primarily responsible for safeguarding the academic interests and personal welfare of students. They are responsible for ensuring that the Union is acting in a way which promotes the academic interests and welfare of students to the University.

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President (Sport & Physical Activity)

The President (Sports & Physical Activity) is responsible for encouraging student participation in sporting and physical activity. They are responsible for overseeing and developing the sports teams and encouraging the growth and development of new teams. They should encourage all students to participate in all forms of physical activity, sporting or otherwise.

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Vice President (Entertainment & Events)

The Vice President (Entertainment & Events) is responsible for assisting students who wish to arrange events within the Union and the University.

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Vice President (Environment & Ethics)

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Vice President (Societies)

The Vice President (Societies) is the primary executive Board contact for Societies and is responsible for ensuring Societies are engaged in the workings of the Union and the University.

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Vice President (Sport)

The VIce President (Sport) is the primary Sports and Physical Activity Team Representative for the Union Executive Board.

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Vice President (Wellbeing & Equal Opportunities)

The Vice President (Wellbeing & Equality) is required to ensure that minority group students are represented within the Union and externally.

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