Student Presidents are elected into a full-time paid role and work 39 hours a week alongside the Union staff team. Vice Presidents are part-time voluntary roles, and it is expected that they will carry out at an average of around 3 hours work with the Union per week.

Elected students who have membership of University Committees are expected to attend these committees and report back to the Union on the work of the committee. All elected students are expected to attend Union Forums and be active participants.

Alongside the roles and remit of each specific position, all elected individuals will carry out the following duties also:

  • uphold the aims and objects of the Union;
  • be responsible for the implementation of the Union’s strategy;
  • represent students both collectively and individually to the University, wider community and national organisations;
  • be responsible for upholding policy and for the development of new policy around relevant issues;
  • act as the primary spokesperson on matters affecting their remits;
  • facilitate student co-curricula activity and advising individuals or groups of students on such activity;
  • seek student opinion recognising the different student groups within the university on relevant matters;
  • be active participants in the partnership that exists between the Union and the University in enhancing the student experience;
  • inform students of the Union’s activities;
  • effectively include different groups of students within the Union’s activities and decision making processes; and
  • behave in accordance with any Code of Conduct that the Trustee Board may from time to time approve and publish.

Please note elected Presidents and Vice Presidents are expected to attend every Executive Committee meeting.

If three meetings are missed without appropriate apologies, their position will be reconsidered by the rest of the Committee.

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