Candidate for the position of President (Communication & Democracy)




Good day everyone. My name is Michael Ife. I am a Management Student of Aberdeen Business School and currently considering an option for Post-Graduate studies.

Last year in March 2017, I ran for the office of the student union President Communication and Democracy. The journey started when I discovered that the Union can actually be a strong tool to bring in a positive change to the whole University. This can be achieved via representing the Voice of the total majority of the student and citing grey areas that needs to be enhanced through the introduction of the 7-points agenda; Union Revolution, Culture, Sports, Equality & Diversity, Immigration & Compliance, Partnership & Enhancement, and General Welfare. 

What I achieved using the 7-points Agenda

1. Union Revolution: This implies to improve communication between students, academic staff, non-academic staff, and the wider community. To achieve this mandate, I introduce “talk to the Union” campaign which has bear much fruit lately as many discussions have been carried out both face-to-face and using social media to tackle student facing challenges both in campus and off campus e.g. wifi issues, hostel, etc.

2. Culture: I promoted individual cultures and diversity through the introduction of both “One RGU Many Nations” and the “Black History Month”. I realise that this is one of the campaign tool that can bring all students together to fight against racial discrimination, or homophobic as currently witnessing in our society today. 

3. Exams & Records: I have stand and represents students at the panel and academic board to ensure papers are reviewed and appeal placed in order as required. Also, it is the right of students to appeal for review, external marker, extension, etc. The Union has been very helpful within this area.

4. Equality & Diversity: I chair the Voice and the Society Forum to ensure ideas generated are carried forward for immediate action and society’s interest are protected. 

5. Immigration & Compliance: I worked alongside with the NUS, International School Officers, and other bodies to oversee the implementation of right to work after studies. An inclusion of this effort was successful through the switch introduction of tier 4 to tier 2. Students can gain more insights via the RGU’s Student Immigration Service department

6. Partnership & Enhancement: Advocate for inclusion of Alumni into related work base experiences and transition journey. A recent event was the “AFBE-UK Scotland” Transition event.  To help with CV mock interviews, CV clinics, and other partnership with the Careers and Employability Centre

7. General Welfare: I actively get involve with Catering meeting to ensure quality, good prices of food all around the school. I also work alongside with Islamic Society to ensure the University made provision for Halal options for required members. Also, worked together with the University to oversee the expansion of the bus park ways at the University, to enable more bus availability, less queuing time, and maintenance of the bus 1A, 1, 2, for consistency.


Other achievement includes

• Successful installation of microwave at ABS, & Grays School of Arts.
• High success rate at democratic process: -Referendum, AGM, Voice & Student Forum
• More Society registration with the Union
• Late night bus Services during Reading – exam week and consist 1A, 1, 2,  (7-10mins max waiting time)
• More inclusion of diversity to major school events and participation
• The RGU’s Got Talent: Winners and participants went away with cash prizes 


Why Vote For Me Again?

Your Vote for me is always a Vote for the change you want to see

My first year in the office was indeed a learning routes for me, as I have to listen to student ideas, learn from previous presidents - archives, worked on previous AGM motions, mastered all the processes involves in lobbying, pitching Presentation to senior managers/ directors, meeting initiation, project winnings, etc. Having understood the elements and how the system works at RGU, I do present myself yet again to serve all the students by running for Re-election for the office of the President (Communication. & Democracy) I will work and ensure that new and ongoing projects under my watch are completed.


New Campaign Promises

A. Guarantor Scheme
To provide student with more alternative to housing and accommodation. Base on student welfare and popular demand, lobbying the University to implement the scheme. 

B. Car Parking Permit Review
Currently working with the University to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of the parking permit as the current system seems not to be fair on students. Also Work alongside Gogreen to ensure more parking space and sheds for bikes, cycling, etc.

C. Immigration & Compliance
Making it a top priority that all International Students welfare and wellbeing are protected. This includes following up with the current pending proposal to remove some of the clauses included to work after studies. An ongoing project with NUS UK. Protecting your interest is my first priority

D. Wellbeing & Awareness Campaign
This is an ongoing project. The aim is to create constant awareness on sensitive issues surrounding students’ wellbeing. This includes, exams, coursework, resits, Fit-to-sit policy, health, immigrations,

E. Language & Diversity Blog
Introduce and finalise the language diversity blog for students who will like to learn new and different languages, also promote media students, language societies, and radar magazine

F. IT & Digitalisation
To provide students with more Wi-Fi integration options, speed, accessibility, and module evaluations. 

G. Work on the 6 current passed AGM Motions
(i) Introduce free condoms in toilets (ii) Phone charging lockers. (iii) Improve the locker situation in buildings across the campus (iv) Extended access to Macs (v) Mandatory training for student societies and sports clubs on gender-based violence and other kinds of violence (vi) Improve existing systems of Eduroam, Campus Moodle and internet service in University accommodation.

Vote: Michael Ife
#1 President (Communication & Democracy)

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