Candidate for the position of President (Communication & Democracy)



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Hi there!

My name is Maddy and I am running for President of Communication & Democracy. As an international student from Canada, I am currently completing my postgraduate degree in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. I am a firm believer that being involved and engaged on campus with staff, students, and the Union, really allows students to get the most out of their time at university. As a firm believer in student advocacy, and allowing students to have a say in their education, I feel I would be a good fit as President Communication & Democracy. 

Aim & Objectives: 

If I am elected, I will work towards increasing the awareness and engagement with the Union through:

1. Working with the VP of Environment and Ethics, the LivEco student group, and the student body to continue providing support on previous Go Green projects, as well as finding new ways to increase sustainability and awareness on campus

2. Connecting students across all campuses through promoting cross-campus events connecting all buildings, and student groups

3. Increasing engagement and interaction of Union with students of Gray’s School of Art

4. Increasing awareness of the Union and its services, and engagement of Postgraduates, and Erasmus students

5. Working with the VP of Societies, as well as societies themselves, to find new ways to engage new students, and promote student involvement in activities


I have a variety of skills and e that make me an excellent fit for the role of President of Communication & Democracy. I am a people person and comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people. Having worked as a class representative, I have experience bringing forward the concerns of students and seeking suitable solutions to a variety of issues. With past experience working as both the RAG Chair, as well as the Volunteer Coordinator of the Canadian International Military Tattoo, I have experience planning and running events. I have experience working as a team leader through my experiences and training as a Student Leader during my time in College, where reaching out and engaging the student body in being active in their place of study was key. I feel that these skills are key and when matched with my out-going personality, and intrapersonal skills, I would be able to fulfil the role of President of Communication & Democracy, and help students get the most out of their time at RGU.

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