Candidate for the position of President (Education & Welfare)



- Recorded Lectures

The absence of recorded lectures seriously disadvantages a number of students, such as those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, hard of hearing etc. These students can miss out on vital information during a live lecture.  This can result in extra time being spent doing independent research outside of lectures which students who do not have additional requirements do not need to do in order to have the same level of information.

A number of lecturers already provide online lectures, I propose that all lecturers should provide them on a comply or explain basis.

- Accessible Toilet Signage

The university is making strides towards gender equality with the implementation of gender neutral toilets.  In addition to this I believe there should be alterations to the signage of the accessible toilets.  Many disabilities are invisible and the current signage is not representative of many of those who need to use those facilities.  Including invisible illnesses in the signage of toilets will likely make those who use them more comfortable.

- Personal Safety and Wellbeing for First Years

During the first year induction sessions I propose giving a talk regarding their personal safety and wellbeing at uni.  For many this will be their first time away from home with absolutely no supervision.  During this session information would be given regarding how to take measures to avoid spiking, the safe taxi scheme and if they should need to report a crime against them how to do so.  Additionally clear information would be given about how students can get help on campus from personal advisers, the counselling service and the role of the Union.

- Physical Health Awareness

Although there is a massive emphasis on mental health at RGU I propose raising awareness of physical health issues such as meningitis and cancers which are particularly prevalent amount student age individuals.  This would be done both over the Union’s social media platforms and on campus in Union Way and designated bulletin boards throughout campus, such as monthly reminders to check for lumps with an emphasis on students to get to know what is normal for their bodies so they know when something is not normal.

- Inclusion of Gray’s

Many students of Gray’s feel excluded from the rest of RGU.  There is some amazing talent on campus and I suggest we utilise it.  Union Way is largely an unused space and collaborating with Gray’s students would not only benefit them by exposing their work to a larger number of students and staff but would also brighten up the space.  This could also relate to the previous point for example collaborating with the UniBoob Team.

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