Candidate for the position of Vice President (Environment & Ethics)



Hi, I am Otto Jutila I am in 2nd year Biomedical Science and I am running for vice president of Environment and Ethics.  I am the President for the newly founded LivEco that is carrying on the environmental projects being the popular zero waste cafe, veg bag and the bike hire scheme.  Also, heavily involved volunteering with the Go Green Projects. So, I feel that I have the leadership experience, dedication and knowledge for this role. 

My aim is to push and promote more ethical and environmental choices for the union and the university. I feel that the ethical consideration in this university isoften forgotten about.  Also, I feel the environment is the of the utmost importance as well since it is where we live, it is the water we drink, the air we breathe and the landscape we live in. I hope to push RGU union to curb its environmental and ethical footprint. Small changes add up and can lead to a significant difference. 

Full support for Environmentally societies  

- I will ensure that all projects of Go Green and LivEco will receive full supportworking with the union to ensure this.

-Ensuring a good flow of communication and ensuring action. Since I am knowledgeable about the projects I would be the perfect vector of communication.

-I will make sure that students are aware of events and activities of environmental societies.

Promoting Environmentally and ethical options for Societies

-Working closely with union to spread environmental awareness and educate societies. To help them cut down on waste and choosing better more eco and ethically friendly alternatives. 

-Example of this being using one poster to promote multiple events or using more environmental and ethical choice for the merch they choose to buy. 

Guaranteeing effective communication between students and union 

-I will listen closely to students and get involved with the environmental societies and ensuring their voices on environmental and ethical matters are heard. 

-Ensure matters discussed will go to the executive committee and will be acted upon accordingly

-I will have a biweekly meeting to allow people to personally discuss any issues with me. 

Ensuring Ethical and Environmental responsibility for the union 

-Working with the union to promote more sustainable and ethical choices for the union and lobbying the university for this.

- Ensuring reusability, recyclability and ethicality of the products used by the union. This would be done with actively encourage these ideals. With researching potential suppliers and looking for legitimately more ethical and environmental options and promoting them.

-To ensure the involvement of companies and private interests are published and known to the students.

Encouraging more environmental methods of transport

-Advocating more ecological and low carbon ways to travel with, campaigning and lobbying the university for more covered bike racks and ensuring the bike hire scheme receives all the support it needs from the union to allow it to run optimally as possible. 

Vote for me for a better and brighter future.  Let’s get ethical!

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