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My name is Val Forbes and I am a 4th year Accounting and Finance student.  I have been an active member of the Union since starting at RGU, firstly by becoming a Class Representative, and then progressing onto become the Business School Officer, a post I have held for the last 2 years.  During this time, I have gained much experience on various University committees relating to Student Services, Learning-Infrastructure and also the School Academic Board.  I believe that I have always served to represent and express OUR STUDENT VOICE, and to seek solutions to improve on the issues raised by Students. 

I am running for President of Communication and Democracy as I feel passionately about the Student Voice....your voice.....COLLECTIVELY, WE HAVE THE LOUDEST VOICE!!!  We are fortunate in that, RGU welcome student participation and feedback that we share with them, and they VALUE OUR STUDENT OPINION.

  • IF ELECTED: I would seek to increase the awareness, and the opportunities for Students to voice their opinions on matters which directly effect them, and to participate in the Democratic process to be able to bring about change.

RGU is a great university to study. It is modern, forward-thinking, innovative.........BUT IT SERIOUSLY LACKS A SOCIAL SPACE FOR STUDENTS!!!! (again with the capital letters, but again a subject I’m very passionate about).  We are one of, if not the ONLY university in Scotland not to have a designated building for Students.  HOW GREAT WOULD IT BE IF.....we had a place to hang out in between classes (to save a journey home during 3 hour timetable gaps), a student zone to meet up in the evenings for a beer and a game of pool, a place for Societies and Sports Clubs to meet....somewhere to enjoy some live music (great for local or Student bands), or even a DJ throwing down some decent beats for us on a Wednesday afternoon...... The ideas are endless....  Rome was not built in a day, and either will our own Student Space.....BUT......BY USING OUR VOICE AND OUR VOTE....we have a chance to bring about change.....

  • IF ELECTED:  I pledge to improve the overall student experience at RGU by seeking to establish more of a ‘Student Vibe’ on campus, with live music events and DJ’s, and to campaign on behalf of Students for AN IMPROVEMENT TO OUR SOCIAL SPACE which at least rivals other Scottish Universities.

I attended the Student Union Annual General Meeting at the beginning of February, where students raised and voted on issues they felt are in most need of addressing regarding their education and experience at RGU. One of the motions which was passed was to have MORE LECTURE CAPTURE availability as it can serve as an invaluable revision resource and provide a chance for Students to catch up with anything they made have missed during the lecture (if only we could use live pause, and rewind during lectures ??)

  • IF ELECTED: I will pledge to act upon, facilitate and fulfill as far as possible, the new changes/motions that Students have identified and set for the coming year.

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto, and I hope to gain your vote on the promise that I will work endlessly for the issues that matter most to you and to make sure YOUR STUDENT VOICE TO BE HEARD.

Val Forbes 
Candidate for Student President of Communication and Democracy.

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