Candidate for the position of President (Sport & Physical Activity)



Hi, my name is Kieran Matthews and I am applying for the role of President of Sport. I am currently in my 4th year of an Events Management degree which has offered me many opportunities within sport that I can use to keep RGU Sport moving forward.


  • I am currently Vice President of Sport and although I have not been in the role long I have learned a lot about what support RGU sports clubs require.
  • I created a British Tennis competition called The British Social Challenge which has now ran for 2 years and in total has raised over £1200 for RGU Sport. This is a weekend long event and it takes me around 3 months to plan so this experience will help when it comes to organising all club fundraisers and Blues Ball.
  • As President of RGU Tennis I realise the amount of work that goes into running a club. This experience has allowed me to see what changes need to be made and has given me the knowledge about how sports clubs work and has proven to me that Presidents and committee members need more recognition.
  • I have been on the Tennis Committee for 3 years now and have held many roles including: captain, Ambassador, VP and now President.  I was also a member of badminton in 1st year and have competed in other sports before I came to university including golf and football.
  • Since joining the committee I have been influential in increasing club membership from only 40 members in 2016 to over 60 members now in 2019. In addition we now have 2 men’s teams and a development team too due to the size of our squad now.
  • Through being an Ambassador last year I was picked to be one of 25 students in Britain to be on a Student Network programme which involved me meeting and working alongside other Ambassadors from the different Universities in Britain. 


Why vote for Kieran

  • Vote for supporting clubs who are struggling with fundraising targets. For too long we have cut trainings and talked about how poor it is that a club has failed to meet a target. It is time to change this and I will do this by contacting each club to ask how they are getting on with fundraising. If they are struggling I will personally help the club put on an event if needed. (Organising a joint bag back for these clubs would be easy and quick money).
  • Vote for more recognition for sports club committees. I understand how stressful it can be to juggle coursework and run a club! I will look into what benefits we can offer committee members as soon as the post starts if I was to be voted in. 
  • Vote for making sure all events are planned well in advance so that all clubs have time to advertise these events effectively to their clubs. Through studying Events Management I know how much time and planning needs to go in to making an event as enjoyable as possible.
  • Vote for an approachable President who will always try to help clubs in any way I can throughout the year.
  • Thank you for reading and make sure you vote Kieran when voting opens on the 4th of March

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