Candidate for the position of Vice President (Societies)

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Societies are essential to the university experience. From personal experience, having a group of people with a similar interest is one of the best ways to adjust to university life. These groups can help you discover who you are and find skills that you didn’t even know you possessed.

From talking to various committee members of a number of societies, the interest in societies is decreasing. While some societies are doing well, a lot are struggling to get a decent turn up or even members to turn up at all. The people who help out in the Union are wonderful; always willing to give a hand and help you out with any issues you may be having. However, there is always room for improvement. Advertising Societies is not down to one person with a million things to do and should be given to dedicated people who want experience with advertisement and social media.

I want to share the love of societies I have with everyone by making sure that everyone is given that experience. 

  • This involves changing the way that societies are advertised to paint more of a picture of what societies do rather than just giving the name of the society. This would involve a team of social media experts, preferable students who want experience with running social media 
  • I would also like to modernise how sign ups happen by bringing it online rather than having a piece of paper to fill out and hand into the union. This would save a lot of time and paper. 
  • I also want to develop our already growing support system and extend it to people who are maybe thinking of starting up a society but need the push to find members.

It’s time to make societies great again. With this position, I would work hard to make sure every society is represented and helped out by providing dedicated advertisement, an easier sign up process and more support.  

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