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I’m Ross Leven (he/him), President (Communication & Democracy) at RGU:Union and Undergraduate Student Governor at RGU. I’m seeking re-election to the role of President (Communication & Democracy).

This year hasn’t been easy for anyone, and we’ve not had the chance to implement some of the on-campus manifesto objectives that we ran on last March – but we’ve made a lot of progress in key areas this year, including Covid-19 response, No Disadvantage policy, RGU Rent rebates & termination and so many other areas, but there is still a lot to do.

I truly believe that the experience I have gained makes me the best candidate to represent and support you – to support students as we look to return to campus, support students in accommodation, support students financially, and build a better student experience – with the great practice from before Covid-19 and during the last year’s blended learning model.

You can find my campaign on social media!

If elected, in addition to supporting societies & student groups, developing the Union’s communication with students, and representing students at the highest levels of the University, I will focus on the following objectives:



We’ve made huge progress this year, with a commitment from the Principal and University Executive to implement more social space for students. I will continue to work on this and ensure this becomes reality before the end of the year.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with the University on several areas of the COVID-19 response, including Freshers, Refreshers, return to campus and return to accommodation. But there is so much left to do. I will work to end two-hour lecturesincrease tutorial/workshop time on campus and ensure hardship funding for all students at the University.


I will continue to support our societies and student groups and implement a Leadership Programme for all student activity committee members, as well as Class Reps, SSOs and Equality Champions.


Keeping timetables on a Wednesday afternoon should be an opportunity for students from all backgrounds to take part in extracurricular activities, whether sport, societies, other student activities or just taking a break from studies. I will make sure that there are no classes after midday on a Wednesday for students.


The last year has only exacerbated the importance of dealing with the increasing cost of students’ lives while at University. I will work to lobby local and national transport providers to reduce the cost for students.


I will work with Go Green to ensure that the student body understands the true cost of climate change, and work to ensure that relevant policies are in place to deal with these issues.


Current President (Communication & Democracy) at RGU:Union (2020 – Present)

  • Developed successful working relationships with RGU Staff
  • Secured social space commitment from Principal
  • Supported Societies and Student Groups
  • Formed and supported the International Student Group
  • Free sanitary products for RGU students, delivered to any UK address
  • Covid-19 RGU Rent Refunds and 7-day lease terminations
  • Co-created and hosted the RGU:Union Podcast
  • Worked with University in relation to No Disadvantage Policy
  • Support RGU’s Covid-19 response, including Return to Campus and Return to Accommodation
  • Worked with NUS Scotland to lobby at a national level

Current Undergraduate Student Governor at RGU (2020 – Present)

  • Ensure the board considers the student perspective with regard to key decisions
  • Influence the University’s key strategic objectives

Vice President (Education) at RGU:Union (2019 – 2020)

  • Successfully achieved key objectives
  • Successfully campaigned for students and stood up to the University when required

Societies and Student Groups (2016 – 2020)

  • Successfully Launched DofE Student Group
  • Involved in multiple societies and committee positions

Driven and Committed

  • In 2019, awarded Student of the Year 2019 by NUS Scotland & Full Scarlet Award by RGU:Union
  • In 2018, awarded RGU Volunteer of the Year 2018
  • Year’s industry experience working in B2B PR and Corporate Communication

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto! Please get in touch if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch! You can find my campaign pages on Facebook and Instagram and can email me:

#BelieveInLeven #RossForPres

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