Candidate for the position of Vice President (Education)

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Doireann McCaughley

Hi! My name is Doireann, I am a second year Master of Occupational Therapy student. 

I am running for the position for your Vice President for Education.

I have previous partnership experience within the university at both a course and school level, and I am passionate about promoting partnership for all. Partnership is vital in order to ensure a high standard of student experience university wide.

If elected I would work alongside the president, school officers and other student reps to ensure that every student is able to give their feedback in an efficient and effective manner.

I aim to work alongside the President for Education in order to promote the student learning experience. I hope to work collaboratively on a number of campaigns and projects in conjunction with the President to ensure a positive environment that will allow all students to flourish academically.

Thank you for reading my manifesto. I hope that you feel I would be a good match for your Vice President for Education!

If you have any questions regarding my campaign you can find me @doireannforvpeducation 

Voting starts March 22nd and ends March 26th so make sure you vote!

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