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Areej Rahmani


Hi! I’m Areej, I’m currently a fourth year occupational therapy student! 

Throughout my time at RGU I have played an active role in the community, clocking over 700 hours of volunteering and receiving the community ambassador award for all my contributions. I have been involved in RGU GoGreen and the Feminism society in president roles, the LGBTQ Network and Black Liberation Network helping to set them up, been a Student Buddy and have been Race Equality Champion! 

Through my volunteering at RGU I believe I have gained vital knowledge and skills needed for being an impactful elected president, valuing clear communication, transparency and amplifying and representing student voices above all! I am a strong believer that being involved and engaged whilst at university really helps students to get the most out of their time at university and I hope to advocate for everything that you need in order to get involved and have the most fulfilling time whilst you’re at RGU! Everything I aim to do has students at the heart of the process, led and guided by student needs! 

I have been a student leader on a voluntary scale throughout my four years at RGU and I’m a super passionate, approachable, enthusiastic and dedicated person. I’m excited and ready to take the next step to become a sabbatical president and vow that I will always do my best for students! 



In summary my main objectives are listed below, for more details as to exactly how I plan on achieveing these please watch the soon to be uploaded video below!

  1.  Increasing student engagement at RGU - especially in our new digital world!

  2. Making RGU a more accessible, supportive safe space for marginalised individuals - particularly helping minorities such as those who identify as BIPOC, and the LGBTQ+ community.

  3. Providing and improving support systems to address student mental health needs in a holistic person-centred way!

  4. Enhancing support systems and also helping students become more aware of the reporting systems available at RGU regarding harassment, microaggressions, racism. 

  5. Addressing sustainability and the climate crisis and what we can do at RGU to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.

  6. Supporting student leaders in groups, societies and networks as well as the student school reps and elected VPs so everyone has an environment where they feel like they can to do the best work!


Alongside these main objectives I am super passionate about other causes and will be actively seeking and taking on board feedback from students throughout my term if elected! My aim is to uplift student voices as much as possible!

A vote for me is a vote for inclusivity, accountability and positivity!

Follow me on instagram @areejforpresew or click this handy link!


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