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?? #IrinaForPresEW | VOTE Irina! | Positivity, Partnership, Development


Hi, everyone!

I am Irina-Cristina Bogdan, an international RGU MSc Digital Marketing student and BA (Hons) Fashion Management alumna. I believe, like many of you, in a university that respects its students, values their opinion, and works in partnership with them to enhance their student experience.

I am enthusiastic, have a ‘can do’ attitude and I am confident I can make lasting improvements for you at RGU. As Student School Officer for the School of Creative and Cultural Business, I work at strategic levels with the Union and academic and professional support staff, so I am equipped with the skills to lead and manage projects for students. I am ready to respond to your feedback and safeguard your academic interests and personal welfare. That is why I am running for President of Education & Welfare.


My objectives:


1?? Increase feedback from students for faster improvements

Often, student feedback reaches staff at the end of the semester making it hard to make improvements for a current cohort. As much as it helps the next generation, feedback channels should be improved for you and your class to benefit from. 

I want to introduce, across the University, anonymous mid-semester surveys on Campus Moodle for all modules and regular meetups with lecturers, so you could comment on the learning and teaching process directly to them. This way, they can take action right away and adapt their practices to your needs.


2?? Increase fun virtual social nights out and interactive workshops

Student life should be the best time of our lives! We should make friends, take part in events, have fun, learn new things, and challenge ourselves to develop personally and professionally. In this difficult time, we are missing out on human connection.

So, I want to organise socials and workshops with fun games, and support societies with their social activities. This would help you connect and create long-lasting friendships with your classmates and those with similar interests.


3?? Boost students’ productivity through online study group sessions

Being isolated at home and unable to go to campus, many of us lack motivation, can’t focus, and procrastinate more than before when studying alone. So, Let's Study Together!

I want to organise weekly online study groups on Microsoft Teams. This would motivate you, make you more productive, and give you a sense of community to tackle the stress and anxiety that COVID-19 has caused.


4?? Increase access to and visibility of RGU counselling services

We should all feel well and have good mental health to study and enjoy life. We need this more than ever. Counselling can help us understand why we feel low sometimes or lose interest in the things we usually enjoy - work, friends, family, relationships.

I want to increase access to and visibility of counselling services at RGU, breaking the stigma associated with mental health, and help you have a productive and positive outlook on life.

5?? Improve support for students transitioning from college to university

Transitioning from college to university can be a challenge, with the majority of direct entrants feeling alien to the university environment. While most Schools at RGU offer support, this practice should be a university-wide initiative.

I propose ice-breakers for you to get to know your new classmates and a comprehensive induction into how the university works, similar to what your colleagues received in 1st year. 


Why you should VOTE for me:


? Experienced in working with RGU:Union and the University

  • I have 5 years of experience working in partnership with RGU:Union and the University through my involvement with societies (President of Creative and Cultural Business Society), student groups (Vice-President of RGU Go Green’s Kaim Shop), Class Representatives, SSOs, as well as RGU staff.
  • As Student School Officer, I train Reps, lead and co-ordinate student voice activities and represent you within our university, and nationally.


? Eager to improve the Student Learning Experience (SLE)

  • I developed innovative class representative feedback mechanisms to gather views on the SLE and Career Webinar Series.
  • I improved the SLE and engaged with RGU’s enhancement processes, winning Pride in Partnership Award (2019), and Full Scarlet Award (2020).


? Keen to get involved and support you

  • Over the past 5 years at RGU, I have dedicated over 2,000 volunteering hours to students’ development and wellbeing.
  • As a Student Ambassador, I offer guidance and support on courses and services available at RGU, student life in Aberdeen, and CV building.


In summary, a vote for me is a vote for a positive partnership between students and RGU that leads to positive development. I look forward to working with you all to create the best student experience possible.

To find out more, and to follow my progress go to my Facebook and Instagram pages!


?? #IrinaForPresEW | VOTE Irina! | Positivity, Partnership, Development

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