Candidate for the position of Students' Union Trustee




MANIFESTO FOR THE Position of Students’ union trustee


Personal Profile

Confidence Amuda is currently enrolled for a Masters Degree in Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy Law at the prestigious Robert Gordon University (RGU). He is a Nigerian licensed legal practitioner with over 5 years extensive practice in corporate and commercial transactions where he has advised boards of directors of companies and trustees board of charity organizations. Sat in board discussions and steered the legal, financial and policy objectives of both business and non-business organizations.

During his undergraduate days at Niger Delta University, Bayelsa state in Nigeria, he was a well-known students’ advocate with an unquenchable thirst for service. This spurred him to contest for, win and serve as a senator of the Law students’ body for two academic sessions, a position he only resigned down from after he was appointed a Justice of the LAWSAN Supreme court because of his stellar academic achievements.

His drive for service and desire to ensure effective communication amongst the Nigerian Students’ society RGU pushed him to seek for the mandate to become the Communications and Engagement Lead of the society. Mandate which was given. As the communications and Engagement Lead, he has introduced and overseeing the implementation of a database for members of the society. He has also worked religiously with other members of the executive to direct the affairs of the society.

Leadership/Service Experiences

  • Senator Representing 200 Level constituency in Law students’ Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN NDU Chapter) senate 2012-2013
  • Senator Representing 300 Level constituency in Law students’ Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN NDU Chapter) senate 2013 - 2014
  • Justice, LAWSAN Supreme Court, 2014 - 2015
  • Lead Associate, P J Ntephe & Co. 2019-2020
  • Communications and Engagement Lead, Nigerian Students’ Society, RGU


This manifesto is the product of countless conversations I have had with several students of RGU and a brief review of the responsibilities of a student trustee. 

Strengthening Relationships amongst student community

RGU students’ union is made of students from different countries with different laws, customs and way of life. As a student trustee, I will recommend policies and programme to the leadership of the union that will lead to the achievement of a community of students with mutual respect for our diversity.

Effective legal and policy advisory

  • I will deploy my extensive legal knowledge and understanding of the student community in advising the board on policy measures to be taken in furtherance of overall wellbeing of students.
  • To achieve this, I will maintain a communication link with societies and students to gain a better understanding of our individual peculiarities and how best to address that through policy making.

Financial integrity

  • Understanding that one of the key roles of the trustee board is to ensure financial security of the union, I will deploy my knowledge of accounting albeit limited to ensure the highest level of financial integrity and stability of the union.

Effective communication

  • Although mentioned in other areas of this manifesto, I want to reiterate my commitment to ensure that there is an effective communication link between I as your representative and every student of the union. 



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