CompSoc AGM 2022 [Rescheduled]
Wednesday 08 June 2022
7pm - 7:30pm
Microsoft TEAMS

RGU Computing Society presents:

After a great year of running successful socials and workshops as well as RGUHack and the Computing and Forensics ball, we’ve got our yearly AGM meeting coming up where we discuss the past year and elect our new committee! We need an attendance of 50% + 1 members to have a quorum which allows us to elect members.

Anyone who has a passion and dedication to computing, tech and related fields should put their names forward for committee nomination. This is a great volunteering opportunity, with the opportunity to enhance the student learning experience, put on kick-ass events (like RGUHack, pub quizzes, and workshops) and if you'd like the opportunity to manage events, teach, deal with finances, and bring RGU's Computing community together, it's for you! You don’t need any prior skills or experience.

The committee positions and their responsibilities are:
- President: Taking the lead on the direction and overall management of the society
- Vice-President: Helping with presidential tasks
- Communication & Engagement: Co-ordinating members for meetings, and taking minutes
- Treasurer: Handling the finances / expenses of the society
- Social Media Coordinator: keeping Facebook, Instagram & Twitter up to date and sending out emails
- Graphic Designer: designing posters, Facebook banners, etc
- Events and Workshop Coordinator: organising logistics for social events, workshops, etc.
- RGUHack lead: lead organiser for RGUHack, getting sponsorship and organising the event
- Class reps: Promoting the society / events to your respective year groups.

Note that while we have set committee positions, we're a very 'hands-on' society and all committee members help out where needed - particularly in cases of our larger events, like RGUHack, the SoC Ball, and workshops. If you're interested, have a think about why you'd be good for the positions, and you can put yourself forward for the role at the AGM.

We’ll be running a remote meeting on Wednesday the 8th of June at 7PM via Microsoft Teams.

Key features:
- Review of Society to date
- Activities
- Membership
- Finances
- Elect Committee
- Approve Constitution

We hope to see you there!

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